Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Puppet Wars

So Its been a long road to get here, but I finally have a fully set up game of Puppet wars. The biggest obstacle was that I decided against getting it at Gen Con. This meant I had to wait until October when the game released to get it. My family ended up getting it for me for my birthday. It was nice. Problem was I had asked Bill to pick up the Multi-player box set for me as part of our trade for painting the Von Schill crew. That took a while to get to me, and when it did, there were no bases or tokens. Wyrd was more then happy to correct the mistake and sent me a pack of bases and more green and red tokens. Now I had enough to play. BUT, I had a ton of Green and Red tokens and no blue or purple. I was able to fix that issue by stacking clear tokens on top of the red and green to allow 4 players to differentiate them. But I didn't like that idea. Also in the 2 games I played the same comment came up. Its tough to tell who owns which model while its on the board.

So last night Ellen and I went on a hunt to find a solution to these issues. We were looking in Michael's when she pointed out a set of Buttons. I thought they would make great stand ins for the tokens since Buttons are pretty cool thematically. I grabbed 6x blue, green, red, and brown (They didn't have any purple) Next we set out to find some kind of colored bands to snap on the bases of the models so we could have an easy to tell who owned each model. That took us to target where I was rummaging through office supplies when Ellen had pretty brilliant idea, the make tiny hair bands for girls in multi-color packs. We moved over to the Salon section and sure enough found some pretty nice bands. With some effort you can fit them fairly well around the base, or you can just slide them over the base and have the band sit at the models feet.

Last thing I needed was a case, I actually took care of this a while ago, but I figured I'd show what I was using to transport my puppets.

If you want one for your self

The funny thing about this case is that the foam that the models rest on and the cut out piece that keeps them seperate are two different pieces. Basically about half the time when I pick up a model the whole top layer of foam comes up with the model and the others all move around. So last night I sat down with my Elmer's white glue and glued the foam together, so that crap wouldn't happen again.

Its been a bit of an adventure getting all set up to play this game, but I have enjoyed the few times i've played it thus far. I actually seem to like Marcus the best, even more then Seamus.

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