Thursday, December 15, 2011

Max's Life Update

Max is my character in Skyrim, and I constantly seem to want to talk about this game, so I will. I was planning to steal Mike's idea of a journal type thing, instead I think Im going to do it as a narrator. Im thinking in the voice of Jeremy Irons. Watch This to get the voice in your mind

In the past, Month or so. Max's life has been altered. Fate has intervened on several occasions. And fate can be a cruel mistress, but for Max fate has changed him in way that he never could have imagined. He had been rounded up with the Storm Cloaks and sentenced to death. His demise seemed inevitable, as he knelt at the feet of the executioner, fate took him by the hand and sent him an unlikely savior. A Dragon. The Dragon rained fire and death down all around him, but somehow Max survived and escaped.

His life seemed to return to normal for a short while after his ordeal, but that was not to last. Tasked by the Jarl to join his soldiers and slay a lesser Dragon, Max agreed reluctantly. The task was not easy, but once it was done Fate took him for yet another spin. He absorbed the soul of the deceased Dragon, proving he was a Dragonborn. A line thought lost long ago of Humans who share blood with the dragons. Again Max's life took an unexpected turn.

Since this fateful day Max has embarked on a harrowing pilgrimage to meet the Greybeards who for centuries have trained the Dragonborn. Along the way he was confronted by a Mighty Frost Troll, though the beast was powerful, Max's Magical flames kept it at bay.

Joining the ranks of the Companions, Max sought honest work. Little did he know of their Dark secret. The Inner circle of the Companions were of tainted blood and turned into feral werewolves by the moonlight. Max still befriended them and was quickly elevated to their elite, where upon they made him one of them. Even with this curse in his veins he fought valiantly against it, and came upon a cure. He cured all that he could from their line. And in the end was made Harbinger of the Companions. Their now trusted leader. He even took Aela the Huntress to be his wife.

Max has also had dealings with the Theives and Asssassins of Skyrim. But has yet to take them up in their offers for membership, their lines are less honorable, and Max still has his morals. (At least for nowm, that could change if I want more money)

There is a great deal of strife ahead in Max's life, but he stands ready to meet it, with Sword or Flame, he and his trusty Housecarl Lydia, side by side, will defeat it, as they have a great many of the Dragons who now plague Skyrim. And like the Dragons any hardship Max faces will only result in his power and heroic standing increasing with in the land. Until such a time as Fate decides he has done enough for the world and allows him to rest, remembered as the Hero he truely is.

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