Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas (If you dont celebrate Christmas start, its awesome). I had a pretty good weekend, and got in some gaming.

Friday - got off work early, but had some errands to run before I could get out to Huzzah. I eventually got out and brought my Circle of Oboros. I played 2 games.

Game 1 Kromac vs Barnabus. We stumbled through eachothers armies, having never faced them before. But in the end Kromac leapt into Barnabaus' face and axed him down.

Game 2 E-Kaya vs Starkohv - I realized right quick I couldn't take him head on, he had stuff with high armor, so I ran around to his flanks and engaged him that way. Picking off his units and Jacks 1 at a time until my Warpwolves killed off Strakohv.

Saturday - Went to the Skins game. It was cold and a loss, but still a lot of fun.

Sunday - Christmas, I got Super Dunegon Explore and Quarriors and the Demon expansion from my Secret Santa, who as it turns out was my Brother who I got for Secret Santa. It was cool.

Monday - Saw Sherlock Holmes 2. Its was good, and if you liked the first one you will like this one. But it felt like the first movie was better rounded then the second. I guess I felt like something was lacking, even though it was like 135 mins. After the movie we played Ticket to Ride and tried to learn Quarriors... we failed, but after looking at the internet I learned what we did wrong and how to fix it in the future.

Im hoping to convice people to jump in a game or 2 tonight.

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Big Bad Garou said...

Wait.... you can jump over my gators and then your feat allows you to get all your fury back!?! Oh bugger... this is going to hurt... ^_^

I will have my revenge.