Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Molly vs Collette Report

Ok so im gonna try and get through this without switching my line of thought over to Skyrim.

Dan & Molly - Deliver a message, Body Guard, Breakthrough
Bill & Colette - Supply Wagon, Exterminate (Belles), Perfect Performance

So the first 3.5 turns went poorly for the good team. Colette was having her way with my crew and just pummeling everything. But I was making him use his stones, so it was at least hurting perfect performance. I was trying line Sybelle up to use Call Belle so I could get a Rotten belle into range to deliver a message and get me some points. Bill put a kink in my plan when he used a Performer to Paralyze Sybelle. I spent the rest of turn 3 hoping he would kIll her off so Molly could summon a new one. Much to my delight Colette did pop Sybelle off with her last Magician's duel. My moment at hand Molly stepped up, resummoned Sybelle and gave her Imbue Vigor (+3 Wk). Sybelle moved into place and dropped a Rotten Belle down next to Colette who gave her Molly's Secret message, it read "Your Hat is adorable, I simply must have one, where ever did you find it? Also sorry for all the girls my minions are about to kill!"

Turn 4 was the true turning point. Bill won init, had Colette cast disapearing act on my Belle, he played in a Tome, and then stoned. the stone flipped up a 10 tome, and... the black joker. cast failed. He did some other Colette type stuff stuff. My Rogue Necro hopped in between Cassandra and a Performer, hit the performer, and then with the use of my trust Red Joker on the hit, one shot killed Cassandra. My next activation saw Sybelle charge the Wagon and deal a damage to it. So in the span of 3 activations I got a 6 VP swing and killed his best minion. We ran through the rest of turn 4 and called it at the start of 5. Colette likely would have been able to do some damage to the rest of my crew, but the Wagon was taking a beating, and I had a solid 8 vps locked up for myself as the a Dead Doxy I summoned was booking it to his Deployment Zone.

These are puppet pics because Im also digging Puppet Wars right now

This game was really interesting because of how drastically it swung halfway through. I really felt out-classed for the first half of the game, and then a couple of flips went my way and totally changed the entire scope of the game. I think a few things seriously favored me though. Collette took 2 very tough schemes and had a crappy Strategy. I had easier to perform schemes and strategies. It also helped that at Key moment flips went my way. Having the red joker in hand to ensure I could Kill Cassandra, as well as bill failing to mannequin replace on any of his Magicians duels really helped me out. Im sure if we played the same match-up again with a different setup, I would find the game to be an uphill battle.

But for today I was being able to take advantage of favorable schemes and strategies and bring home a win for Molly. Despite the fact that I feel she is a touch weaker even then the other Henchmen, I have a pretty favorable record with her, I believe its around 5-2.

So the important thing to learn here is that I'm level 13 in Skyrim. Most of my armor has been forged by me, and a ton of my stuff has been enchanted by me. Im also a werewolf. Not sure I wanna keep that, im doing a quest chain that will allow me to cure myself if I choose, gotta make a decision since its coming up.

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