Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A What Kind of Tournament?

The Warmachine kind! I know it doesn't seem like something I would do. But on saturday pretty much everyone was busy doing other things, so I packed up a small bag of Cryx and went out to the event.

Its been a long time since I've really played WM. Even longer since i've gone to a tournament. But I do remember how to make a Denny list, even in MKII where things are slightly different, but kind of the same anyways. I also made a Skarre list as my back up, but never used it. So here is the Denny List

Denegrah +5 soul stones... wait thats not right, hold on I'll get it
2 Deathrippers
2 Nightwretches
2 Pistol Wraiths
2 Bloat Thralls
6 Bile Thralls
10 Mechanithralls
2 Brute Thralls

Plan is a simple one. Drop your defenses with Denny, knock you down, and have all the guns shoot you until you die.

*NOTE* Im not gonna try and remember what my opponets models are, I only focus on Caster Kills. Also this will be mostly highlights, after the tourney I went to a chirstmas party and got hammered.

Game 1: Vs Dixon and Grimm Angus
We had a mission, that we misread, then asked the TO for clarification which he gave us, and later turned out to be wrong. There was a failure to communicate in there somewhere. Either way, Dixon was using a scenario item, and it was wrecking me, but he shouldn't have been allowed to use it. We just didn't understand the TO when he explained it to us. On Turn 2 I sent a bone Jack up next to Grimm and tried to hit with Parasite. I got around his cover and needed like an 8 or something. I boosted my attack and rolled 1,1,1. It was a bit of a let down to be honest. I was able to get him hit with parasite the following turn and actually do some damage to him, dropping by about 5-6 life. Unfortunetly Denny had moved too far up. Basically I seemed to plan as though I were going to kill him even though I missed my spell, and didn't really consider other options. With Denny too far forward Grimm walked up close, shot her, and knocked her down. Then a Dire Troll ran in and stomped her. Had I hit the parasite the turn earlier, Denny would have used her Feat the turn she died, and I doubt he could have reached her then, and she likely would have lived, and I believe I would have won the game. But Dixon is a good player and may have retreated to try and regroup and come back at me with his army less nerfed.

Game 2 vs Bill and Kallus
We had a mission that made no sense, and there some other special rules. Im not really sure what it was all about, but I got a free unit of bane thralls. Bill moved up his Hex Hunters, and I immediately noticed the women in Northern Virginia all swoon simultaineously. Kallus popped his feat at some point, which gave him an Incubi every time I killed one of his models. Then The Hex Hunters charged into my Mechanithralls, and a few things happened. My Mechanithralls got wrecked, The TO got impregnated, and Bill's children's IQ's all raised 20 points. It was unreal. Then tragedy struck. As the Striders picked off the remainging Mechs, they were unable to get a bead on all the Bile Thralls. The three pudgy death machines stepped forward and purged all over the place, killing 5 striders, bayle, A totem hunter, 4 Hex Hunters, and a lot of the Incubi that Kallus feat created. Shocked that they could be killed, the poor bastards booked it outta there. He must have made like 13 Incubi, but I was able to keep killing them back down, with the Bile Purges, free bane thrall unit that popped up, and pistol wraith or 2. The feat was cool though, and he had a bunch of incubi left over afterwards. Bill was running low on Time and must have been so thrown off by his Hex Hunters being killed, that Kallus charged up a bit too close into a Bone Jack and ripped it to pieces. My turn was Denny's time to shine. Feat, Knock down Kallus, and let the little dudes in her crew handle the rest. Kallus lived through a lot of hits, but the volume was too much for him. Victory to Denny!!!

Round 3 vs E-Sevy and Jason
This was a rough game. I dont like facing menoth. Especially the jerk bags who can say no spells! and kill upkeeps and all that crap. I was basically getting my ass kicked for the first 3 turns. I was running out of dudes and options so out of a combo of boredom and frustration I went for a caster kill with out my usual set up. The Skarlock cast Ghostly on my Mechanithralls to get them clear of Melee with out free strikes. They ran into combat with Sevy. Denny walked up, popped feat and blasted the back of one of them with Scouge. She boosted the collateral damage on Sevy and as if to make up for the triple 1's for Dixon my dice gently came to rest on triple six's. Sevy took a heavy beating from that shot. With him crippled at that point a Pistol Wraith calmly made its way over and put him down for goood. I did have another couple shots to take at him, and afterwards I did the numbers in my head, on average rolls I still would have done between 19-21 wounds to him, and Im fairly sure he only has like 16 in the first place. But damn were those 6's cool. Again Victory to Denny!!!

So the event ended. I finished in 3rd place with a 2-1 record. Not bad for coming back to a game I haven't played in I would say around 2 years. Its also got me all jazzed up to play it a little more. I've been looking over my Circle, and trying to figure out when I can get out to Huzzah to play with it.

Tonight is back to the game I really love though as Ramos and Kaeris get their first field run since I bought all the cool new stuff for them!

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Big Bad Garou said...

So sad I missed it. I would have had more fun than I did at home...

We have to play some. I want to see what my Gators do to your list.