Friday, September 5, 2008


I don't blog much but today i need to write something.

I hate mosquito bites! I have like 20 on my left foot. not even the entire leg just on the top and side of the damn foot. And oh god it itches and i need to put something on it and its so annoying and so scary and he doesn't wear a shirt.

Anyways also its like 8 am and i don't feel great. so i think im gonna be very sluggish for a while today but i gotta go in for my last day of work. honestly im half tempted to just say fuck it and skip the shit. what are they gonna do fire me? But i wouldn't do that, they need us to help clean up and that would be a real dick move on my part. So i'm getting dressed trying to ignore the itching on my foot.... It's not easy

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