Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 5 Predictions

Kansas City @ Carolina - Chiefs won a game... they still suck
Chicago @ Detroit - Chicago is beating team they should lose to and losing to teams they should beat. Still Detroit Sucks
Atlanta @ Green Bay - Green Bay, unless Rodgers can't play, then Atlanta. No Rodgers, no packers
San Diego @ Miami - This should be a beating. Don't expect a ronny brown miracle here.
Seattle @ Ny Giants - Something has gone wrong in seattle, and it doesn't seem to be fixing itself
Washington @ Philadelphia - If the Skins can beat Dallas they can beat anyone. The Eagles will need this win if they want to stay up with the NFC East Powerhouses
Tennessee @ Baltimore - Damn the titans are good. no chance for the rookie quarterback against these pick happy Defensive Backs
Indianapolis @ Houston - A week of rest should revitalize this team
Tampa Bay @ Denver - Denver should be looking for revenge, though they need to sort out their defense now.
Buffalo @ Arizona - 5-0. doesn't seem possible but here they are finishing games. Trent Edwards was a great investment at QB
New England @ San Francisco - I have a feeling that the New England Defense is going to be trying to regain their composure but J.T O'Sullivan impressed me. He is indeed the next Todd Collins
Cincinnati @ Dallas - Cincinatti is bad. and Dallas will be angry after getting proper F***ed by the Redskins. this won't be close.
Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville - This game is going to be so good. smash-mouth football. Im picking Pittsburgh but if something happens to Big Ben tonight against the tough Baltimore Defense then ill be changing to Jacksonville.
Minnesota @ New Orleans - The saints will win in the passing game. The vikings will fall to 0-5. Not a good start for a "play-off" team.

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