Monday, September 15, 2008

Week 2

Setbacks and bad kicking abound but ill be damned we're 1-1. First let me say watching the game from the Fed-Ex Field dream seats made this game even better. I was about 20 feet from the saint's bench and i damn near lost my voice screaming at Drew Brees. On to the game.

Jason Campbell threw for 321 yards. Ports rushed for 90 some yards and defense had three turn overs. The down side was the first half. 2 missed field goals and 5 drives that stalled out in opposing territory. The redskins really did dominate this game. No matter what people say they Redskins out played the saints. More first downs, more yards, +3 turnover margin, less penalties. Outside of the Reggie Bush punt return the defense wouldn't let the saints move the ball. holding a high powered offense to 17 points is a very strong showing. The defensive line got to Brees twice. Jason Taylor picked up his first sack with the skins. Chris Horton picked 2 passes and picked up the Jeremy Shockey fumble. On offense Jason Campbell was a stud no turnovers yet and a beauty of a 67 yard TD pass. Portis was great again he didn't get over 100 yards but he got 2 rushing TD's and is on pace for a great year. Cooley got involved in a big way which was refreshing considering he had 7 yards last week. And Moss proved why he is a play maker and the best reciever on the team bringing in 134 yards. The team really clicked and had it not been for poor special teams (Kick Return Team aside) this game wouldn't have been close. Well Done and go Skins!

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