Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 4

I've probably said it a hundred times and written it a hundred more but here is one hundred-one HOW BOUT THEM REDSKINS!

The redskins once again set out to prove they're not a fluke and that they deserve the be counted among the best in the NFL. They dominated the cowboys on all sides of the ball. On defense T.O had a mediocre day and was frustrated by how well the redskins corners defended him. Marion Barber had 26 yards. Felix Jones never even saw the ball on offense. Granted Patrick Crayton and Jason Witten looked unstopable, but the defense stepped up big and put this high powered offense down. On special teams the skins made sure the returning pair of Jones and Jones saw very little daylight and kept the cowboys from getting great field position. Offense once again proved its ability to make plays. 4 weeks in with out an offensive turnover is pretty good in my eyes. Jason Campbell once again flaunting his continued improvement. 20/31 for 2 TD's. Portis had another solid day running for 121 yards. The biggest disapointment was that the Cowboys made Cooley a non-factor. But with one of the stars taken away the redskins turned to their deep threat in Santana Moss who had a great day with 145 yards recieving. The dark spot in the sweetest of sweet victories was the penalties by Casey Rabach. A 12 year veteran should not make the mistakes that he was making in this game. Both Portis and Randal El fought their guts out to get into the end zone only have to play called back for a pair of penalties that had no impact on the play. He needs to shape up and keep his eyes on the action better.

Outside the game the Redskins are starting to look like a playoff team.
Jason Campbell is the 4th rated QB in the NFL
Clinton Portis is 4th in rushing yards
Santana Moss is 2nd in Recieving yards
London Fletcher is 2nd in Tackles
Chris Horton is tied for 2nd in Interceptions
The redskins have the leagues best give/take ratio
A top 10 Offense

Karma States that the Redskins will win the Super Bowl this year... i concur!

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