Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NFC East / Picks + Fantasy

There can no longer be any doubt in anyone's mind as to which is the toughest division in Football. The NFC east is dominant. The only losses are division games. The Steelers, Browns, Bengals, Saints, Cardinals, Packers. Every one of these teams has some hope of a playoff appearance, though the browns and bengals should not get their hopes up too high, has faced and been beaten by teams from the East. The Eagles played serious defense and completely shut the Steelers down, sacking Big Ben 7 times. As much as i hate them the Cowboys are scoring at will against any team. The Packers will need to make some serious adjustments if they hope to get past the boys in the playoffs. The Saints and the Cardinals have very high powered offenses and both teams were cut down by the Skins, widely considered the worst in the division. The Giants have not had a true test yet. They got lucky pulling the Skins early before the offense had a chance to establish itself and their next meeting will be very different. Going into next week i fully belive the Eagles will beat the Bears and keep the trend alive.

Cleveland @ Cincinatti - Lots of Offense no Defense. Brady Quinn will play Browns will Win
Minessota @ Tenesse - Defense and Running the ball. Ditka would be proud - Tenessee
Denver @ Kansas City - High powered offense vs high powered sucking - Denver
San Fransico @ New Orleans - This should be the closest game. J.T O'Sullivan is a huge surprise and injuries plague the Saints. I don't think half a saints team is good enough - San Fransisco
Arizona @ New York Jets - Should be a great game, both teams will need this win - Arizona
Green Bay @ Tampa Bay - Green Bay is probably angry about being beaten at home so badlys - Green Bay
Atlanta @ Carolina - I have to go with the proven team in my eyes - Carolina
Houston @ Jacksonville - no contests they Jaguars are hungry and angry - Jacksonville
San Diego @ Oakland - This will be VERY one-sided - San Diego
Buffalo @ St. Louis - St. Louis sucks as much as the Chiefs - Buffalo
Washington @ Dallas - I hate picking against the redskins but its the smart choice. Dallas has one of the best offenses and a great Defense - Washington (Thats right bitches!)
Philadelphia @ Chicago - Philly dominated Pittsburgh, Chicago has no chance - Philadelphia
Baltimore @ Pittsburgh - Big Ben will be looking for vindication after getting sacked so damn much and the rookie Flacco will get pressure like he's never seen before - Pittsburgh

Fantasy - I finally win a game! Now i just have to hope Shockey comes back soon and Westbrook isn's seriously hurt.

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