Thursday, May 20, 2010

Call of Duty: World at War

So i picked this game up on Sunday I think, because I had heard great things about the Nazi zombie level. For $35 I'm feel like I got my moneys worth, but Im still a bit bummed by how short the campaign was. I hear the multi-player campaign is pretty sweet, so i;ll have to check that out when I can.

The game focus' on two aspects of WWII the Pacific Campaign vs the Japanese and the Eastern Front against the Germans. As a US Marine, you play Private Miller the riflemen, machinegunner, Flamethrower-er, Radio, Air-Strike Caller. Pretty much what ever the mission called for Miller was the guy who took over. You fight through severl Islands and clear out the Enemy with several weapons etc. The Japanese has a penchant for using Grenades and the Banzai attack, which killed me far more times then Bullets. With Grenades you have to see them early to get away, with Banzai you have to push the right button really fast and I constantly hit the wrong one. There is also 1 mission where you are the Gunner in a Black Cat and have to shoot down Japanese boats and planes, all the while taking a break to rescue US Sailors.

The other side of the campaign begins in Stalingrad, you are Private Demitri Petrovich, you begin the game in a pile of dead and wounded Russian soldiers, by playing dead you are spared an execution from the Nazi S.S. You meet with a Sergeant who teaches you to snipe. Its a little like that scene from Enemy at the Gates, and you have to time your shots with the bombings. You fast forward a few years after Stalingrad and you meet that same sergeant who saves your life again. Your in germany now and killing more Nazis. This campaign takes your through most of germany, jumping a few years here and there, until you assault Berlin's parliament, the Game ends when you cut down the Nazi flag and Place the Russian Flag on top of Parliament. Also Petrovich might die, they were fuzzy on that one, you do get shot while planting the flag, and that Sergeant jumps in and slices the dude who shot you like 4 times and then kicks him off the building.

Overal a Lot of fun, my only complaint is how short the game is. I already beat it and i've had it less than a week.

There is a side game where you are in a building with boarded windows and Nazi Zombies attack. you have to kill them while keeping your windows borded up. I haven't done great, but I think its designed to work better with 2 players. There is no way to Win, as the game continues sending more and more zombies at you until you die. Scares the bejeezus outta me though.

At the end of the day i give it a 4/5. Would have been higher if it were longer.

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C Trudden said...

Pretty much the game is geared toward online play. Might be better with the new game out, though it invariably is populated by tons of immature little kids.