Friday, May 7, 2010

Bowling Awesomeness

Its been a long 30+ weeks of bowling and we are down to the final round next week. It won't really matter for us though as last night we locked up 1st place for the league. We had a decent lead over everyone else and the schedule happened to have us facing the 2nd place team. We crushed them 3 straight games taking all 7 points and giving us an 11.5 point cushion for the final week.

Personally I had a great night. I've been improving steadily since February, my average has gone from 102 to 118. Which is difficult since I was in a major slump from november to december. But as a group we have all been very strong since then. Last night I rolled a 169, 140, 151 going way over average, which plus my handicap was pretty awesome. Rick bowled a great 203 game 1, Ellen was high score game 2 with a 181, and Rockett took over game 3 with a really impressive 208. No one really fell under their average, and that combined with 2 people way over average gave us a huge lead and eventually the League. So next week we still have to bowl the team who is now 2nd place, and we kinda hate them as they always beat us, so we're gonna try to crush them out of spite and help another team pass them in the standings...

Also there is a guy on their team who freakin is the Jesus

He actually does that every time he bowls... we call him the ball licking guy... its really disturbing.

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wrabbit37 said...

Congrats on the bowling championship! And awesome scores - I'm usually lucky if I can top 115. Hell, or even 100.