Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some Malifaux stuff

I got in a game last night against the Viki's with Seamus and things went pretty well.

in a 25 stone game I took
Seamus +3 extra stones
CopyCat Killer
Rotten Belle
2 Punk Zombie
2 Necro Punk

He Took
Viki Twins +2 or 3 stones
Convict Gunslinger
2 Ronin

The list performed well. It reminded me why I like the Necro Punks more than Canines with Seamus. Leap and Hard to kill are a sweet combo and one that I've been missing with the Canines. I started the game focusing on his Range Support. Seamus made used 2 soul stones to Kill off Hans, and I kept the Gun Slinger in melee for a while before he finally fell on a slow to die attack. My Necro Punks were pretty strong as they did most of the dirty work in killing off both Sword Mistress Viki's. The gun viki eventually fell to Seamus in Melee. The Ronin Killed themselves to Bring back Viki.

This game also had me testing a theory. I have been saying that taking a master with less than 5 or 6 stones is a mistake. But I think thats the warmachine player in me talking. See I keep thinking you cant play this game without your master, but thats just not the case. You still want to protect them, but you don't lose if they die. So I've been taking more and more points in Soul Stones, when My army would most likely have benfitted from taking more models or upgrading to better models. Im think 4 is plenty. If your master comes with 4 or more, then try to spend every point you have. If not I would consider setting that 1 or 2 aside for soul stones. Its all preference, as some masters like Nicodem might need extra soul stones so he can cast his raise dead spell. But I think 4 is the perfect number.

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