Monday, May 17, 2010

Thinking battle foam

Its a great case, and Im considering setting myself up with a battle foam case. I went through and kitted out a pair of Custom made trays. Its not a cheap case, but damn is it cool. The idea would be to have a decent size case to hold just my Salamanders. They are a reasonably small army and don't need a lot of foam. Also i'm cutting the Land Raider from the army, so i will need a lot less foam. at the moment with the raider out of the army, its 60 points short of 2k. So i'll need to fill those points before I finalize the Foam.

*Ok so after some mental math, I fixed the List, adding in 1 land speeder to fill out the points. I was also able to fit that into my Armor foam tray.*

The Foam tray for the Rhinos and Drop pod needs to be larger then the Kit i made, but there is plenty of room in the case, so no worries.

Here is the case Im looking at:

These are the Foam trays I designed

Only issue is the damn set up with only 2 trays is $125. If I could get it cheaper I will consider this more.


wrabbit37 said...

Price is probably the sticking point for me too. It'd be nice to have everything all set away, but for $125, you can practically buy another army.

Dan said...

Well, not a GW army... not even close.

But $125 is a lot of money regardless.

wrabbit37 said...

Well, the obvious solution then is to stop playing GW. :)

HuronBH said...

Dan, good call on the 5". That tray in my 720 case that was two small for the DP and double rhino holes was 4". I bet at 5 inches that would fix the problem for both.