Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NBA Draft Lottery

The NBA doesn't follow the NFL in draft order, it uses a lottery system. The idea is that it will prevent teams from losing on purpose to increase their draft position. It stems back to 1984, the Houston Rocketts were a poor team, not the worst in the NBA but not even close to a play off spot. With about 20 games left in the season they began to tank. Around the NBA it was assumed that they were losing on purpose so they could have the worst record and be allowed to draft Hakeem Olajuwon, the top rated player in that years draft, at 7'0 he was a monster on the court, leading his team to 2 championships. The Fans knowing how special Olajuwon could be chanted for their team to lose those 20 consecutive games in 1984 and get the worst record. After this draft it had become too much and the NBA's commisoner implemented the Draft Lottery. In 1986 the Commisioner took the name of every team who had not made the playoffs, put their names into an envelope and pulled out a team one by one until all non-play off teams had been selected. This gave every team an equal chance at the top over pick, that year the New York Nicks, who had the 3rd worst record won the lottery. This system remained until 1990, when they introduced the weighted system. The new system works like this, worst record gets a 25% chance at the top pick, second worst almost 20%, 3rd, 4th, 5th 15%, 11%, 8% respectively, down to the 14th place team who has a .5% to win. The top 3 picks are chosen via lottery and the remaining 11 teams chose in order of how they finished the season. When two teams are tied, they average out the percentage and make a coin flip to see who get the better .1% or whatever the difference may be.

The point of this long winded ramble is that last night at 8pm the NBA held their annual lottery proccess. It is held behing closed doors with a representative from each possible team. Tied for the 4th worst record in the NBA the Wizards lost the coin flip to get the moderatley better % for the top pick.

But that didn't really matter as a 10.3% chance was enough and the Wizards won the Draft lottery and will have the 1st overal pick in the NBA draft for the second time in Franchise History. This year was especially important as there is one player who stands above the rest.

John Wall was an outstanding player at Kentucky, and after a single season in college is coming to the NBA where it is all but a lock he will be the #1 pick. The last 2 point guards to go pro from Kentucky have 1 with a championship ring, and the other an all star who won Rookie of the Year. Its a good school and they bring great Point Guards. With the Addition of John Wall, it looks like the Wizards can kick their rebuilding plot into over-drive and bring in a power house free agent, such as Chris Bosch, the center from Toronto who would just work great here in DC, And get this team back into the Eastern Conference race where it belongs.

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