Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Bracket

So there is a Malifaux tournament this coming weekend at some store up in PA. And I got a kitchen pass to go on up there so I'm down for the event. Its a single list tournament which is actually rare for Malifaux, but not an issue for me. I decide im gonna take Leviticus since I think I can take any on any foe with him. Its 35 Soul stones so I make up a list, and start testing it out. I lose 2 games and draw 1. Its not a good showing for the old guy. This gets me a bit nervous and makes the wheels in my brain start to turn. I decide I might want to take another Master for the event. But Who?! and how do I decide one master over the others? Simple right? March Madness style Bracket! So the first step was to seed each Master in some order that makes sense. Lets take a look.

1st Seed - Leviticus, he's the encumbant Master and I have tested games for him, so he gets the Edge and the #1 Seed

2nd Seed - Seamus, he's my favorite Master and I have played more games with him than anyone else (I think)

3rd Seed - Dr. McMourning. One of the better Masters in the Game, this guy is strong and I have a few tricks up my sleeve for him

4th Seed - Nicodem, I am on a roll with Nicodem lately. It took a while for me to get his tricks down but I've won my past 3-4 games with him

5th Seed - Kirai, If all I cared about was winning I would take her. She is REALLY good at objectives and tough to beat in a time limited format. But since I have already won with her she gets dropped to a lower seed.

6th Seed - Perdita, most likely my most competative choice. I just don't much wanna play her

7th Seed - Rasputina, A really strong Master and one who is fun to play. I just don't know her that well.

8th Seed - Ramos, I don't wanna play Ramos, so he's 8th seed. Maybe when his new stuff comes out from Book 2. But at the moment, hes my bottom master

So Round 1 Looks like this:

Lets dig deeper into each match up.

4. Nicodem vs 5. Kirai - It should have been the closest match up, but the Nico Streak and Kirai's previous Tourney win were too much to cause an upset. Nico breezed into Round 2

3. McMourning vs 6. Perdita - This was an interesting decision. Perdita is DAMN strong, and the list I made for her would likely taken me pretty far in the tourney. But McM is a strong Master too. In the end I chose the Resser even though I felt if I pitted the lists against each other Perdita would have won.

2. Seamus vs 7. Rasputina - The Upset! Same as above I bet the Raspy list would have beat the Seamus list if pitted against each other. What it boiled down to though is that despite how much I really do love Seamus, I think he's just too weak. Also Raspy is fun on a bun, I just need to learn her rules more.

1. Leviticus vs 8. Ramos - No contest! I don't wanna play Ramos! it may as well have been a bye. Levi has the easiest foe in Round 1.

So with the Round matches in the books it was time for Round 2!

Shall we explore how this happened? yes

7. Rasputina vs 3. McMourning - This was a similar scenario as McMournings 1st round foe. I think Raspy and Dita may be my best 2 Master at slaughtering my foes whole sale. The down side is I have played Raspy at most 5 games, likely less. Mcmourning I am very familiar with and becasue of that he Advanced to the Championship Round.

1. Leviticus vs 4. Nicodem - Tough call here. I;ve been preping with Levi, but the preparations have gone pretty poorly. Nico is on a roll and that Hot streak had to continue here. in the battle of Old men I went with the Resser and the hot streak. Nico would meet McMourning in the Finals.

Now the Finals were a tough call. I couldn't make it myself so I asked the Community at large for some help. And help they did. In a Landslide Victory:

McMourning was chosen to represent this weekend. So the Mad Doctor has called up a few friends and here is the list I will be running.

Dr. Douglas McMourning -- 8 Cache
Zombie Chihuahua [1ss]
Bette Noire [9ss]
Canine Remains [2ss]
Canine Remains [2ss]
Canine Remains [2ss]
Datsue-Ba [7ss]
Rotten Belles [4ss]
Necropunk [3ss]
Necropunk [3ss]

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