Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A couple Malifaux games

Last night I finally got out to Huzzah to play malifaux. Its my 2nd tuesday of the year, and last time I only played Infinity, so this was nice. Also Bill got in our V2 cards so Im really excited about all that, and Im looking forward to getting them laminated and ready to rock.

Game 1 vs Mike.

I decided to randomize my master for this game. I ended up getting Seamus, so I made a crew for him I haven't used in a long while.
Seamus, Sybelle, Grave Spirit, Belle, 2x Necro Punks, Bette noir - 6 Stone Cache
Dreamer, 1 Day Dream, Coppelius, 2 Stiched together, Teddy - 5-6 stones, Im not sure how the dreamer works all that well.

Our missions were simple, Deliver the Message for me, and Slaughter for him. He added in Kidnap and Body Guard(I think) I took, Framed for Murder (Seamus) and Kill Protege (Teddy)

Turn 1 was the usual dreamer nonsense. I activated a crew, he activated 2 models.

Turn 2. I lured up a Day Dream with my belle, so I could have a shot at killing him. Said Day Dream then scooted up a tad and dropped Teddy on one of my Necro Punks. Teddy then killed, said necro-Punk. I popped bette out right then and took Teddy down to 3 life. Dreamer went next and and did his nightmare trick. Chompy, 2 stiched, and Coppelius came out, and Teddy went away. Chompy killed bette who burried herself. Then he was all done so the Dreamer came back out. I took a shot or two at Coppelius to try and weaken him up, but to no avail.

Turn 3&4 (they are jumbled in my head) Seamus and a Necro Punk started the turn in B2B with the dreamer, so I was in good shape on my message delivery. He won Init and started with a stiched together. He started attacking my hand, rather well in fact, and then tried to gamble lives with Seamus. Seamus laughed in his face and dealt 7 damage to the doll, killing it. Seamus went next, and companioned his Belles, then he gave the boy his message, it read something along the lines of, "Dude there is a party tonight at Zorida's place, you in?" The belles went next and despite attacking Coppelius a combined 5 times didn't kill the jerk. Coppelius went next and dropped paralyze on Sybelle. My necro punk also tried to get in on the kill coppelius action, but he too failed. His 2nd Stiched together tried to gamble lives with Seamus, and met the same fate as his buddy. But he was able to gamble for cards and almost totally replenish his fate hand. Then Chompy popped up and went to town on Seamus, I ended up living through the barrage with 3 life and 1 soul stone left. But it was for nought as Teddy then came in and finished the job (costing me 2 vps as he was not in fact framed for murder) Bette popped back up and finished off the bear. Coppelius went again and paralyzed both Sybelle and my Belle. Chompy came in and killed off Sybelle and Bette (who went underground). My Necro Punk then came in like a super hero and killed off Coppelius.

Turn 5. I won Init and my necro-punk booked it away. Chompy then Ate my belle. and returned to kid form. Mike informed me that killing my belle got him his Kidnap.

Turn 6. We count up vps for slaughter, he is up on me 23-18. Even killing my Necro punk wouldn't net him the points he needed, so we called it there. thinking back on it I should have tried to go for a kill with a Bette Re-pop. I lose nothing by attempting it, and if I killed Chompy or the Dreamer i would have won... but alas, it was a 6-6 draw.

MVP has to go to Bette, she took out Teddy and didn't give up points for Slaughter, honorable Mention to Seamus!

GAME 2 vs John
I again went for a random Master and this time it was Nicodem... ugh.
List time!
Nicodem, 2 Vultures, 1 Dog, 1 Belle, 2 Necro-Punks, Bette - 8 Stone Cache
Marucs, Jackalope, 2 Razorspine Rattlers, 1 Shikome, 2 Molemen - 5 Stone Cache

So the first turn I maneuver around set up a bird to arc through and NecroPunk to grab the treasure. Forgetting who i was dealing with, marcus charged both of them turn 1. the bird lived, thats a poor flip by Marcus. The NecroPunk wasn't so lucky.

Turn 2, the bum rush continued as Marcus ran into Nico, and the Shikome and a Snake got to my belle. Bette popped up as the belle died and cut the throat out of the Rattler. Nico went and arced through a bird back into his combat with Decay. It was damaging Marcus (who prevented all of it with stones) and healing Nicodem. I ran my 2nd Punk and My dog into the 2nd Rattler, but ended up not doing so much.

Turn 3, Things got worse. Marcus kept thwacking Nico with his club and then made him a beast with -1 to his flips. Bette tried to kill off the Shikome, but the spirit thing made it pretty tough, and left it with 1 wound. It too came to wail on Nico, who by the end had only 1 wound. Nico bounced back into the fight with more and more Decays. Again healing Nico up a few wounds and hurting Marucs and killing off the Shikome. he also raised the nearby corpses into Zombies so next turn he could shunt off some hits. The molemen and Jackalope also popped into my dog and Punk. (Who were also backed up by a few zombies)

Turn 4, Things turn around. I won Init and instantly went with Nicodem. I blasted back into the melee and either targeted myself or a Mindless zombie every time. In 3 casts Nicro healed back to full and Marcus bit the dust. We called it there since I had Nico, with full hps, a strong number of corpse tokens, Bette, and he was down to 2 molemen.

That is my first Win with Nicodem. I never really understood just how great Decay is, until last night. Had I more time think I definetly would have blasted Marus with a Riggor Mortis and paralyzed him. But most times I was better off just nuking the Combat.

Game MVP is a toss up between Bette (who really saved my bacon) and the Vultres who REALLY saved my bacon.

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Man I wish I could have come out. I got stuck doing a paper for class =(

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