Monday, February 28, 2011

Tournament Report

So this past Sunday I joined, Bill, Jay, Chris, Dixon, John, Tim, and Brian on a decently long Road trip up to southern Pennsylvania for a 35 Stone Malifaux tournament. I realized as I got there Brian and I had pretty much the same list. So I made a quick decision and went with Nicodem instead.

Nicodem +5 Stones, 2 vultures, 2 Rotten Belles, 2 necropunks, Bette Noir, Convict Gunslinger

Its a crew with great objective taking power and moderate to low hitting power, the highest damage in the crew is 5, but most cap at 3-4. Its also got great control aspects to it.

One quick note about the terrain. Every board had a CRAZY event that happened at random intervals and ruined the game. One Board was a total forest where line of sight was completely limited to 3 inches, no idea why.

So Round 1 I get paired up with Bill who is playing the Dreamer with an Alp bomb. I draw slaughter and sigh deeply. I declare Grudge Match on Lelu, and Kill Protege on Coppelius. He does some tricks and I set up my dudes preparing for him to drop on me full bore turn 2. Dreamer goes to pop up his friends and flips a black joker. This causes bill some concern. So spends 2 stones makes a new day dream, kills it to summon Chompy Bits. Chompy then chomps down on the belle he popped into Melee with. My Gunslinger showed chompy bits how Trigger Happy works and shot him a good 5-7 times. Turn 3 I won init and the Gunslinger picked up where he left off and killed Chomy bits. Dreamer popped up and dropped all his nightmare friends off into melee. The Alsp surrounded my belle and Gunslunger, Coppelius went after Nicodem, and the Twins killed something else... can't remember. Nico went next, Paralyzed Coppelius, and then Dropped and AoE off into the huge melee. it ended up targeting the gunslinger (Unfortunate) who took severe damage, but the AoE killed off 2 Alps. Nico then summoned a Punk Zombie. The twins went next and did more horrible things to the new Punk Zombie. My belle went next and lured Coppelius off the cliff and away from Nicodem. The last alp turned and punched down my Gun Slinger.Turn 4 I won Init and Nico started things off by paralyzing Coppelius again. and blasting the twins killing the girl and aoeing on the last Daydream. Lelu ran up and killed the belle which made me remember I have bette Noir in the wings. She popped up and killed Lelu getting my grudge. The alp went and killed my last Belle. Then My neco punk ran up and hit Coppelius actually doing damage to him. Turn 5 started, I won init again and went with Nico. He bolstered and blasted into the Melee. Healing Bette to full and killing off Copeliues netting me my Protege kill. His next AOE killed the Alp. Bill Ran the Dreamer the heck away so he wouldn't love Body Guard. I ended up killing 40 stones of models, he killed 24. So I got a full 8 points to his 4 (2 for Kidnap, 2 for Bodyguard.)

The now Infamous round 2.
Im not gonna go into the mega details here becasue Im really bitter looking back on this game. My opponent was a pretty blatant cheater. He would misrepresent his stats, when he pulled -flips he would pull all the cards look at them, stack them up and only show me the top one. Im also fairly certain he stacked his deck. I had to start cutting his deck after turn 4 becasue he was holding 4-6 face cards every turn. So the game pretty much sucked. I still almost pulled it out. Had I won initative on turn 6 or had he not had the Red Joker in his Hand I would have won the game 6-2. Instead he won 6-2. Lame Ass Game.

Round 3 I played agains the Tournament Organizer who was for some reason in like 6th place. He had Jack Daw, Pandora, twins, and Candy. On turn 2 he had only 2 cards in his hand so I took my opportunity to strike at Daw. I had Nicodem cast at him 3 times. On the 3rd one he flipped the Black Joker and control reverted to me. I then took Daw and attacked pandora, cheated low to fail the WP duel and let him die. It made me smile. Then I proceeded to WHOMP my opponets ass up and down the tabel. Bette killed the Twins. Nico went Mano a Mano with Pandora and did a decent Job the both ended up living though. but he got burned out stones really fast. I called Breakthrough for a scheme. I set my necro punks up on opposite board edges and they ran their butts off for his deployment zone. making it there turn 4 and then just going defensive stance pass the rest of the game. At turn 6 he flipped and we should have gone another turn, he said Im good if your good. I had 8 points so I didn't really care. As I look back I should have made him play it out. Bette would have killed Candy and Nico would have killed Pandora giving me an 8-3 win. But I was tired and not paying attention. so it ended up 8-7.

I ended up tied for 3rd place and only 2 points out of 1st. I know what your thinking, 3rd place is just fancy talk for loser. But give that Bill took 1st Im ok with it. Also its nice since I was the only won who prevented Bill from getting 8 points. And that Had I not faced cheater McGee in round 2 I might have been able to get more points.

MVP of the Day was Bette Noir. She is just versatile and unkillable. I love that girl.


Big Bad Garou said...

That sucks.... sorry that you had to face a cheater. Please say it wasn't one of our guys....

Dan said...

No way. Our guys are all good. He was a Pennsylvania guy. Bill caught his shennanigans too. he also over measured.

HuronBH said...

He was the only one of the 4 PA players I didn't play. Thanks for beating on the TO for me, he needed it after our game round 2.

Dan said...

Had I looked over the board more and realized how I could smash him into the Ground I would have done it for ya. Unfortunetly I was tired.