Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Own Little Slice of Hell

So I picked up the corebook for No More Room in Hell, the other night. I also grabbed a bag of 100 "All Flesh Must be Eaten Zombies" they are pretty much too short to be serious zombies next to a 28mm scale model, but what ever there are 100 of them. The coolest parts of it are you get to make your own group of survivors and it can be run as a campaign.

I ended up reading the rules saturday-monday and realized they are pretty simple so I convinced Eric, Tanya, Ellen, and Mike to give it a whirl on Monday. I made up the characters so we could jump right into the game. I asked everyone to give me their ideas on what they wanted to play and here are the ideas that came back to me.

Ellen - The poor football team in Beetlejuice who isn't quite sure whats going on, but is certainly dead. She ended up with 7 guys with axes and pistols who were total yellowbelly cowards.

Mike - The Three Amigos! They ended up with matching stats and gear, but they each had their own unique skill to seperate them. Lucky Day was the leader, he could pass off his bravery to the cowards around him. Dusty Bottoms can dress up like the enemy (A Zombie) and move freely around among them. And Ned was the quick draw shooter with a fast pistol and a keen eye.

Tanya - Asked me to play a badass spy chick who could kick butt. I ended up making her an ambidextrous sword and pistol wielding death machine.

Eric - Wanted to be the Action hero. So he was pretty much Arnold or Stallone. He had a machine gun, wasn't fazed when he saw his comrades eaten, and could a zombie as easily as a regular human.

Dan - I wanted to be Perdita, so I made her tough, strong, and a good shooter. Just your regular badass Cowgirl with a huge ass gun and Machete.

We started with Mission 1: The first night. The Heros have taken refuge in a farmhouse away from the cities as they try to figure out their next move. But they dont have forever to decide what to do as the undead start to swarm the house. Eric, Tanya, and I started shotting the Undead as they made their approach and we were doing pretty well at keeping them off our backs. Meanwhile the Amigos bolted towards the Truck. Dusty was able to get it started right away as luckily the keys were there and the gas tank was full. They pulled up to the House and the football players piled in and were escorted off the Board. As the truck came back for round 2 of the pick ups the Zombies started to break into the house. The Heros were fighting them off as best we could. The last of the Football Players jumped in along with Perdita and were escorted from the House. Eric and Tanya backed away as best they could waiting for their ride. But things ended up going our way, as Eric was mobbed he fought well and only took a minor scratch from it. They jumped into the Truck and we we're outta there just as things would have gotten suicidal.

It wasn't overly late so we went straight to Mission 2. Escape the Highway. We were travelling along nicely piled tight in our Red Pick up when we ran out of gass on a Highway leaving a crowded City. We needed to get off the Table on the far side of a narrow highway festooned with zombies. We ended up splitting up around the middle of the table because there was a growing hoarde of zombie approaching us. The Amigos and Perdita went left, and ended up drawing most of the zombies. The Team and E&T's Heros went right away from most of the zombie hate. It took some slow going and some helpful shooting from Eric's Machine Gun but we made progress down the Highway and were Very close to board Edge. Seeing safety was close at hand, Dusty started shambling and moaning and left his other Amigos behind. The Football Team charged into a group of Zombies and did pretyt well, I believe they killed 2-3 and lost 2 members of their own. A final Zombie stood between the Amigos and Perdita and safety. It charged into Perdita who lost it, flipped out and cut the poor zombie into mush. That ended up being our ticket to safety as we fled. Eric ended up hanging back just a little too long and that "growing Hoarde" I mentioned earlier was now 60 zombies strong and caught up to him. He fought well, killing 2 of them, but somewhere around zombie number 15ish they dragged him down for a nice snack.

game is a total blast, and a little bit creepy. Im looking at getting 28mm Zombies from Wargames Factory or somewhere, but after using 100 zombies and realizing it wasn't enough Im not sure i'll bother. I will however be getting some new 28mm Heroes for this game. Hasslefree Minis is pretty awesome for that kinda thing, they have a section dedicated to Zombie slayers and the like. Here area few that caught my eyes.

How many weapons does 1 zombie hunter neer? A lot. There is also a bit in the pack to make his arm a chain-saw, but thats been done, and no one is as cool as Bruce Campbell.

Hot girl, sword, mini skirt... nuff said.

Badass chick with huge pistols and a trenchcoat.

Shot-Gun? check... Cricket Bat? check... Awesome dude in a tie killing zombos? thats a big check. Also ray comes with Zombie Ray. Guess he didn't make it too long in the Zombiepocalypse.

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wrabbit37 said...

They look like they'll be solid survivors. I picked up a few models from Huzzah last night to make my survivor group. Getting them painted up now. Can't wait to try out the scenarios.