Friday, February 25, 2011


So I know im like 5 years behind the times, but thats just how I roll. So I finally have a Pandora account and we are in that akward getting to know you stage where it thinks that becasue I like Anberlin I like Emo music, or some crap like that. But slowly Pandora is starting to understand that I like a complex mix of Rock, R&B, and Rap songs. But really hate a lot of Rock, R&B, and Rap songs. Its just a rough patch, we'll get through it.

Im not totally behing the times though, I have tried to use Pandora before, but my work computer just wont play songs, it just searches and searches for the "perfect song." Screw perfect I just want a song thats good enough. But now (or maybe 4 years ago) Pandora made a mobile App and that means now, my Droid Incredible is rocking out with badass music for as long as the very short battery life will let me.

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