Monday, March 21, 2011

Brief Tournament report 3-19

I played in a 35 stone Malifaux tourament this past weekend. Im gonna be honest I was really tired all day Saturday and then when Mason got blown out I kinda had a rage black out. Net result is that I don't really remember all that much of what happened at the tourney. So... I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.

Round 1
Seamus and a bunch of hard to kill models vs Zorida and a bunch of speedy models.

He started quick by flinging Killjoy at me. As soon as KJ popped up I sent my Hanged to cut his HP down and prevent him from healing for the rest of the game. KJ then reeled in Bette and killed her with a lot of attacks. Seamus then popped off the fatso with his Pistol. From there the game was pretty much well in hand. His Slurids were taken out as they came in via Seamus and Bette. He did pull a pretty awesome move having Zorida obey Bette to bury herself on the last turn. Our game went WAY too long we played 2-3 extra turns. I ended up winning solidly, like 7-3.

Round 2
Kirai and co. vs Hamelin and his shennanigans
Hamelin is broken as written. Even with an imposed Nerf Hameling activated 8 times by turn 2. Now he was playing this ability wrong which ended up costing me a lot, but whatever. I ended up losing 7-5.

Round 3
Nicodem and pretty much the same dude Seamus ran vs Raspy and her ice buddies.
This was the best gmae all day. It didn't hurt that I wiped my opponent out, but he was a blast to play against. I have never had a person on the table next to me complain that he can't hear what his opponent is saying because we are laughing too loud. Great game. Also the hanged was a MONSTER. He cut Raspy, the Ice Golem, and Gamin's life in half, and then killed said gamin with his range attack. I won 8-1 in a pretty big slaughter.

(Resuing a pic? lazy ass!)

Round 4
Seamus and same as rd 1 vs Pandora and her crew of cheating hookers.
I was pretty far ahead in the standings at this point vp wise, so I was determined to just get my schemes and not worry about anything else. That was probably a really big mistake since thats exactly what happened. I lost 8-4. It really didn't help that every time pandora cast a spell she did so with a high crow so my entire crew spent the game running away. It was a pretty lame game and against a really lame jerk.

quick edit: The game was against Mike and really was a fun game. I'm just a douche.

So in the end, I won. It was a really fun time. and I ended up trading my prize, which was a boxset of my choice for Mike's Marcus crew, which is fully painted, and means I don't have to paint my own now! good times.

A few thoughts on the Format, which people will be playing at Adepticon. first 4 rounds for 8 players makes pretty much no sense. I ended up facing the Ringer in round 4. Shared stake a claim is assholish to end a tournament on. there are points for 1 person in that mission. Really skewed the standins in my eyes. Hamelin is a tool and the adepticon rules are nerfing the wrong problem. And my final thoughts are, I'm great!

Overal MVP of the Day was The Hanged. this wasn't my initial thought. But he cut down, Killjoy, an Ice Golem, Rasputina, an Ice Gamin, and was instrumental in me getting my Kill protege against Pandora. he was a beast!

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mike3838 said...

Thanks for sharing your tournament experience. I'm gearing up to possibly take Seamus to a tournament next month so hearing about little tricks people might pull against me is helpful. That Obey against BN is pretty clever I have to admit, and I may have to pick myself up a Hanged after hearing of his exploits!

Sorry to hear you got shafted by the Hamelin player. Any asshole who abuses that soon to be fixed loophole deserves banning from the tournament in my opinion!