Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sucker Punch

So I was expecting a turn off my brain action flick with hot chicks killing things. I got that for about 1/4 of this crap stain of a movie. The rest was some moron trying to make a compelling story about abused Women. See helping out an abused Woman is a story anyone can get behind, unless your a total douche. But this wasn't even really that. It was watch Women fail... My Fiance was more angry then I was after this one, I was mostly amused. either way this movie sucks, dont see it.

If you must see it, I will say that the action scenes are amazing. There are like 4-5 fight scenes and they are awesome. There just aren't enough of them. Too much of the movie is about advancing the "plot" I use the word plot loosely, because its convoluted, unclear, and poorly written. I think they could have done themselves a favor and made this movie better by not having Dialogue...

Also John Hamm was in it... he's awesome.

For those of you who know me, This was worse then Transformers 2... thats saying a lot.

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