Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Its kind of a funny story

Ellen and I invited Eric and Tanya over for a movie night and decided to pop in our current Netflix movie. We had literally just recieved "Its kind of a funny story" and I was excited to watch it.

To set it up Ellen and I have been on a TV show kick with our netflix. The past 4-6 months have been shows and we haven't had a movie come in for a while. We finished season 1 of White Collar and realized that our DVD would be a Movie. So we looked over the que added a few more movies and on a whim I added this one and bumped it up to number 1. So pretty much we had 0 expectations going in.

Basic plot revolves around Craig, a Kid who has just too much pressure in his life. He goes to a prestigous High School, is trying to get accepted to a prestigious summer academy, good college, and eventually be a CEO or President. He is in love with his Best Friend's Girl Friend, and his father is pressuring him to be better, smarter, etc. Adding all that up he feels suicidal and accidentally checks himself into a psych ward.

Once there he meets some really great charcters. Zach Galifianakis is probably the best of the charcters. He really takes Craig under his wing and kind of teaches him that there is more to life then what he sees. There is also the hot girl Noelle, and a slew of other Characters who all have their own quirks. Its really a brilliant cast.

The movie was pretty amazing. Great characters, a good lesson, and a bit of a love story. I would highly recomend it to pretty much anyone. I would say its one of the best movies I've seen in a while.

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