Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Colette and Zorida have a Tea Party

Or maybe Mike and I played a game.

So 35 stone scrap between the Lovely Ms. Du Bois and the Uggo Zorida.

Colette 7 Stones, 1 Dove, Cassandra, 1 Performer + Mannequin, 2 Coryphee
Zorida 6ish Stones, 1 Mature Nephlim, 3 Slurids, 3 Terror Tots.

He got Line in the sand for his mission, which he backed up with Kidnap and Bodyguard
I got Plant the Evidence to which I added Kill Protege and Sabotage.

Turn 1:
Mosty a lot of moving to start. Cassandra started at the very edge of my deployment zone and was able to get to a building and Plant some evidence proving that Zorida was actually way uglier then advertised. His tots and Slurids hauled major ass up the board and were very close to several of the Dynamite Markers. My Coryphee Duet'ed and hit 1 tot 1 time for 2 damage. Colette then Jumped into range of a Slurid and dropped it with magicans duel.

Turn 2:
A bunch of craziness happened here, In no clear order. The Duet killed a Tot. Zorida dropped Poison on the Duet with her Vodoo Doll. Colette got hit 1 time by a Slurid, jump away and left it there with no one to attack. She then jumped back and killed both Slurids, she also made a new dove. Both Doves failed to hit the Vodoo Doll with Magician's duels. Cassandra moved into the next building and planted more evidence. The Mature charged into my Duet but I was able to protect it with good cheats.

Turn 3:
Mike won Init and the Mature attacked the Coryphee his hand must have sucked becasue my 7-8 flips were stopping him in his tracks. Then on his final shot I flipped a Black Joker. He did 6 damage dropping me to 2, with Poison 2 still on them. Cassandra went and tagged another building. The Tots started lighting Dynamite. Zorida obeyed the Mature to hit the Duet again but it missed, so Zorida turned into a Bird a flew away. This turn I had drawn a really sick hand. I had the Red Joker and a 13 of Tomes in hand. So I figured 2 solid shots at a disapearing act better go for it. Colette went, jumped in, and cast disapearing act, I cheated the 13, and stoned for the 12 of Tomes. Destroying the Mature Nephlim outright. We then called it there.

Things went really well for me on that turn. It allowed me to have a shot at saving the Duet (Would have tried to heal it with my Mannequins) and drop the Mature.

To this point I can only recall 1 loss with Colette. She seems to like me as much as I like her. (Also I finished painting and basing her whole crew, and it look awesome)

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wrabbit37 said...

I'll get Colette one of these days, don't you worry. Your string of good luck can't last forever!