Monday, May 2, 2011

Dan's Draft Coverage

I spent a lot of time this past weekend watching the draft and looking over what the Skins were doing. I'll take you through my thoughts on the picks as well as the trades we made.

1st round - The Skins had the 10th overal selection and traded it to Jacksonville. At the time I was pretty angry since Blaine Gabbert was available and the Redskins seriously need a QB. We instead dropped down grabbed another 2nd round pick and took Purdue DE/OLB, Ryan Kerigan. I have done a lot of reading on this guy and from what I have gathered he is a slightly less talented Brian Orakpo. But has a none-stop motor, is a damn smart guy (Academic All American), a penchant for stripping QB's, and a fantastic work ethic. This is a huge pick up for the skins since it means we will have solid bookend line backers to rush the passer. And he should help aleviate some of the Double Teams Orakpo was getting. To highlight how important a pass rusher is for the Skins, Outside of Orakpo no other player put up more than 2.5 sacks.

2nd Round - 41st overal pick the Skins went with another Defensive player, Jarvis Jenkins. He played tackle for Clemson, and should be a solid run-stopper up front. His pass rush is mediocre, but from what I gather he is a Huge Dude who should stuff the run and play a real strong End in our brand new 3-4 Defense. There seems to be a chance he could play the Nose for us, but I think he is a more natural end.

We then traded the 2nd rounder we got from Jacksonville for a later 2nd rounder as well as a 4th round pick. We then traded that 2nd rounder for a 3rd and 5th round pick. Big props to Shanahan for turning our 1st pick into a 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

3rd Round - Again trading down and down to bolster our picks in this draft the Redskins finnaly made a move at 79th overal taking Miami Wide Out Leonard Hankerson. He is 6'1 and has a good burst to create seperation. His route running seems to be an issue, but the hope is they can teach him that. Lets hope that goes better then it did with Devon Thomas. If this guy pans out he will be a true #1 reciever.

4th Round - So after trading down to hoard 5th round picks (we had 4) Shanahan made a move to go up and get himself a bargan bin RB to post up 1,000 yards next year. Trading our 4th, and 2 5th round picks for a higher 4th and a 6th. This trade allowed us to select Roy Helu from Nebraska. He is a strong 1 cut back (Means he makes 1 cut before he turns upfield and tries for a gain) which is the perfect style for Shanahan's Zone Blocking. Im not kidding when I say this guy should easily post a thousand yards, Shanahan does it constantly with late round backs. And if not they get tossed on IR and the next guy steps up!

5th Round - Redskins have 2 picks taking Saftey Dejon Gomes & WR Niles Paul from Nebraska completing our 4th and 5th round sweep of Cornhuskers. Paul might be a steal, as he has a little bit of a Devin Hester/Reggie Bush Quality. His advantage on those two is that he is naturally a WR and has played the position a long time. His downside is that he doesn't have great hands, but that can be worked on. Gomes will be a special teams guy and reserve safety.

6th Round - Aldrick Robinson WR from Southern Methodist, is a small speedy guy. not sure how he will fit, but does add another offensive weapon. Evan Royster RB Penn State is another solid 1 cut RB. He could see work as a 3rd down specialist, or could fight Torain and Helu for the #1 spot. We could also see a 3 Back roatation with all of them getting carries and Shanahan just going with the hot hand.

7th Round - Brandyn Thompson CB Boise State, Not the best CB out there hence his 7th round pick, but a solid player, could see work in nickle or dime packages and special teams use. Maurice Hurt OG Florida, good solid reserve interior linemen, unlikely he will ever start w/o injuries, but adds depth and thats nice. Markus White, DE/OLB Florida State another solid reserve player could help on pass rush situations and special teams. Won't ever start over Kerrigan and Orakpo. And our last guy Christopher Nield, DT West Virginia. This guy is interesting. He could have easily gone undrafted, 2nd to last player picked. But from what I read with a little polish this dude could be a solid starting NT in the NFL. We'll have to keep and eye on him and see how he does.

So in 7 rounds the Skins went into the day with 8 draft picks, through Shanahan's wheeling and dealing we got 12 players. A few of them will look to make an instant impact on this team. I kind of love this draft. we had the chance to grab gabbert and passed on him, which I like since it means the Skins are looking to set up the rest of the team and then place the QB in, much like Atlanta, Baltimore, and NYJ did. Its worked well for them, other teams have thrown a new QB into the fire with no help, such as the Redskins with Jason Cambell, no one will ever know how different life would have been had he had addequite help around him. Still we need a QB for 2011, and Im not sure how I feel about Sexy Rexy and John Beck.

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