Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finishing my Malifaux painting

So I've been working on painting up my stuff at a pace that suits me. I generally wait until I need a model for a game, or I use it in one and am impressed by it before I paint it. This has done very well for about 90% of my dudes. I just went through and complied a list of the models I have left to paint. There are 22 in total, spread across 4 factions. Im going to try and regiment myself to get these painted up. (I also have a commision job that I dont want to do, but I accepted because im a pussy, the commision job adds a lot of models and I dont want to think about it right now)

3 Crooked Men
Lost Love
3 Nurses
6 Mindless Zombies

I might only end up painting Miss Pack from the nurses. I never realy use them and I dont see the need to paint up the other 2 nurses when I wont use them.

Ice Gamin
2 Spiders
Hoar Cat
Electrial Creation
Steamborg abomination.

I dont do a fantastic job with my archanists. They are usually just looking for table top ready. These 6 models will get paint likely in this order after I finish my ressers. There is a chance the Ice Gamin never gets painted. I hate his pose, and I dont want to give him a resin base.

Desolation engine

This is my sole unpainted outcast model. Finishing it means a finished Levi crew. there is a lot of incentive here.

Papa Loco

There is very litle incentive here. I haven't played my guild in a very long time, and I dont like them as much as my other crews. Still for completeness I might get to these two.

So thats my general order for which I want to paint things. We'll see how it goes as I also sprinkle in my commision work inbetween

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