Monday, May 16, 2011

Infinity Battle Report

So this might be a bit shoddy since Im still learning the game. I'll try to explain this as best as I can.

Chris came over early on Saturday and we got in a pair of Infinity games.

Game 1 200 points Caledonian's vs Nomads.

(On an awesome note, my 200 point list is fully painted. Pics soon, I just keep forgetting to take them)

Chris was testing a list with Remotes, which as I came to understand are robot walkers with big ass guns. We drew similar missions. We both had to destroy each others points, protect our own and get off to our extraction points.

This is a the first game I've played with proper terrain. We had a mix of AT-43 and Warhammer 40k Buildings. with a half dozen sandbag walls thrown in. It made for a damn cool battlefield with tons of cover and not a lot of huge firing lanes.

I deployed first and ran my guys up into cover. I sent my Heavy Machine Gunner up to a crows nest type area to get a decent spread of cover on the board. The rest of my crew stayed on the ground and moved towards my objective markers.

Chris went next and used the majority of his orders on activating his Remotes. I traded shots with one and my machine gunner, but eventually lost out and my Gunner was killed. That was pretty much all the action turn 1.

On turn 2 I was able to work my Linked team of Volunteers and Uxia, my stealth recon chick into place to hit 2 of his objective points. I destroyed them and was feeling pretty good. I also took a popshot at the Remote with my Volunteers and managed to kill the damn thing. Turn 2 wasn't as good for him. He did get his stealth guys moving towards my markers.

Turn 3 My Wulver took out the 3rd objective and I had completed my primary mission. He was very close to my markers and I doubted I could hold him off from taking them so I started booking my whole crew to my extraction zone. He killed off my SAS, a lesser stealth recon guy. I was sad to lose him, especially since he was very close to the extraction zone. He also blew up his last objective points, completing his primary goal.

Turn 4 The Wulver dropped his second remote as he ran for the exit. Uxia tried to engage a stealthed marker, but it turned out it was less of a guy, and more like a landmine. so she bit it too. My link team and my Lt. were both in good cover very close to the exit zone. The Wulver was a step behind. On Chris' turn he got one of his guys to the extracion zone and was clear.

Turn 5 My Lt. threw a smoke grenade to cover the escape, my Link team and the LT. booked it full speed to the exit zone. they took some fire along the way but lived and were extracted. My Wulver ran next but was a bit behind them. He caught a lot of fire and didn't make it to the end. Chris' guys were too far back in his zone to make his extraction point so we called it there. We both got our primary objectives, Our denial objectives were to protect our points. we both failed pretty badly. And our secondary objective was to get to the extraction zone. I did with 5 models, he got 1. so I pulled what is likely a minor win. It was a lot of fun. And a really good game with all the terrain on the board.

We played another 300 point game. But I dont really feel like I can describe what happened overly well. It was a pretty brutal game. I think we both had 11 guys start the game and only 2 each left alive at the end. He won that game getting his primary and seconday to me only getting my primary. The big highlights were when he dropped in a para-trooper right on the back edge of my board and it killed off like 3 of my models from behind even as he died. Then when my 3 man Wulver link team charged into a 5 man hassassin destroyer squad. I lost 2 wulvers on the charge, but still killed 3 destroyers and another model who came in to try and get the wulver away. It was pretty badass.

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