Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Couple of Games

Last night I went out to Huzzah and got in 2 games against Chris. He is one of the new guys who joined the game thanks to i believe Bill's prodding.

Game 1: 25 stones, Pandora vs Nicodem
This game went about as I expected. He chose body guard and my strategy was to kill Pandora. I did everything I could to nickle and dime that bitch down, but she just wouldn't die. I dropped her down to I believe 2 life, but Candy Ran in and saved the day with a nice heal flip. I killed Candy for her trouble, but the game ended with Pandora alive and me losing 4-2. I also had a body guard, but he managed to get his second scheme of kill my highest stone model.

Game 2: 25 Stones Kirai vs Perdita
I wanted to try out a Gaki spam, so I took some of them along with some Seishin and Datsue-Ba. I went nutso with Kirai this game. All the little strategies and tricks she has have been slowly clicking for me, and this game was pretty bad for chris. Papa and Fransico both move up and make some attacks. I send Datsue-Ba and a summoned Onryo into them. I manage to kill Francisco, who was my grudge match foe, and the I swapped Datsue out for a Gaki. The other two ran in there and the bunch of them went nuts on Papa eventually killing him, and a gaki, and an onryo, and wounding the other 2 Gaki. Forgot the Should have lived since papa would leave a corpse for me to eat and so would Fansico, but meh that would have been even worse. I then super summon Ikiryo into melee with Santiago and Nino. Santiago is made short work of. Nino books it, and Perdita kills off my Gaki. Then Datsue-Ba goes to work, followed by Ikiryo on Perdita, I end up killed her off and we call it there. It was a pretty nasty game. Im looking forward to my next go with Kirai now.


wrabbit37 said...

Sounds like Nicodem has been giving you some trouble - he just not click with you? Until Kirai came out, I think he was the Resser I wanted to try most (strangely, Seamus was the one that interested me the least). But yeah, Kirai looks like a bundle of fun. With Dreamer, Hamelin and Colette, though, I don't think I'm picking up any of the others.

Dan said...

Yeah, I'm having trouble with Nico, its best when he activates first, but then its a pain when I want to have something go first and get a quick kill. Still, I'm getting much better with him, hopefully I'll get him fully soonish.