Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gen Con - The Report!

We drove... a lot. We stopped in Columbus, and Rocketts dad was kind enough to buy us all lunch. We went to Thurmans, which I would say is a must stop of your ever in Columbus. Fantastic Burgers! We had a few beers at Alcatraz once we got into the city, but it was mostly an unremarkable day.

Ellen, Chris Slazinski, My brother, and I all bum rushed to Wyrd's booth. It was pretty packed and they were running out of stuff fast, they had to keep a guy running to the back room to restock the new stuff. But we got everything we wanted and began moseying around the Convention Hall. I picked up the new Scorpion Starter for L5R. We demoed Chaos in the Old World, and even got into an Arkham demo, we pretended not to have any idea what we were doing, mean while ellen and I laughed as the Demo lady got a bunch of crap wrong, putting clues on an open gates, etc.

We had lunch at Johnny Rocketts, which was like a C, not great, but we were no longer hungry. Carson, my brothers old magic friend had driven all night from VA to get into Indy around 7am. It was after lunch that he woke up and joined us. We played Dominion, and a few other board games. Eventually Ellen and I parted with my brother to go to true dungeon. It was a boat load of Fun. Rockett and Josh scrubed out of the L5R tourney and met us for the dungeon. Chris joined us as a last minute addition since Ryan had 5 tickets. We got owned pretty bad, since we were doing the Nightmare level. The GM's felt bad since it was most our groups 1st or second time doing a true dungeon and didn't kill us, until we fought the main dragon, against whom we were properly destroyed.

After that we ate dinner at Steak and Shake. Ellen, Ryan, Carson, and I went back to play more board games until it got pretty late and we returned home.

I'll post the rest of the weekend tomorrow, I have a lot of work to do today.

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