Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rising Powers: Resserectionists

So after getting a chance to really look through the book I wanted to throw up a little blurb about the Ressers, for those who were unable to get to Gen Con.

Kirai Ankoku - Over the past couple days I've been rather taken by the depressing little geisha. Outside of her story her play-style is totally unique and a very difficult puzzle to solve. Her abilites are all very powerful, but her summoning causes her damage. She has ways to heal hearself, but it can be a huge pain in the ass to keep her standing. Im still trying to figure out what are her optimal strategies, but I feel like i'm getting close, Summon a lot of spirits, keep her healed, and use the Seishin for support as well as to keep her safe. Biggest draw back I see for Kirai is her cast is only a 6.

Spirit of Lost love - Kirai's totem, its basically there for one reason, when Kirai dies, the Spirit dies instead, she goes to 4 wounds, and is a spirit for the rest of the game. Nice little insurance policy for a squishy master. He can also heal spirits, but needs an 8+ of rams to cast it.

Ikiryo - This is Kirai's uber spirit, and literally her spirit. She can rip it out of her to go kill things. Its a power-house with good melee as well as a decent range attack and support for spirits. Its biggest weakness is that its easy to kill it, and when it dies Kirai has to drop 2 cards. He is the lynch pin if this army, im just not sure how yet.

Sieshin - The little spirits that follow Kirai around. They are cheap, and since she needs to sac a spirit to summon most other spirits, they are a good option. They can also take hits for Kirai if in base with her. And they can boost the cb of your spirits. Great little support guys and good for keeping Kirai alive.

Datsue-Ba - This is Kirai's number 2. Like Moritmer for Nicodem, or Candy for Pandora. Datsue-Ba is a hard hitting, powerhouse (she can attack wither def or wp and ignores armor) she can turn the tide in a game. She can turn models she kills into spirits, which is really damn good. In my one game with her so far, I hung her out there and she died. I think saving her as a second wave hitter would be wise for my future games.

Onryo - The mid-level spirits. These are mini Datsue-Ba, they can't make new spirits, but they have the same attack either wp or def, and they also ignore armor. And when they die they make a wp-wp duel with any model in 6 inches, if that model loses the duel its slow for the rest of the game.

Gaki - These are low level spirits. They are damn fast, tough to kill, and hit decently. For only 3 points they are a steal. In a swarm they can trigger on a melee attack to make another Gaki attack. And they can eat dead models to heal back to full. all in all they are pretty amazing for only 3 points. I already own 4

Shikome - The elite spirit. They are expensive and Kirai takes 3 damage to summon them. They are designed to kill a specific model, like blood-trackers in hordes. They are pretty nasty in melee and very fast. I haven't used them yet, but I can see their merits. They can also fly over things.

Thats all the spirts, the next stuff is tech for the older masters.

Molly Squiddlepidge - She is our henchmen. She is a very support based character and can be pretty solid in my opinon. Im not sure if she will be worth the 10 points she costs to take with a master, but running her own crew could work. When she is in charge she can take Belles, and Horrors. Hopefully in book 3 there will be more horrors, they are very limited at the moment.

Necrotic Machine - A generic totem, but mostly designed for molly. Not really sure what its main uses are, it can turn enemy models undead.

Dead Rider - Holy Crap this guy is cool. For 10 points he is acutally worth every stone. 3inch reach, 10 inch charge, and a ton of special abilites all based on how many wounds he has. And he has a spell that can heal or hurt him so you can get him to the set of abilites you want him to have. He is a total badass.

Guild Autopsy - They have a gun, which is really nice. Down side, they cna never leave corpse or body tokens and they are easy to wound. At a very cheap 3 stones, they are not a huge investment, and their guns get a +flip for damage. They can also force some nice moral duels. Need to test them some to see how good they really are, no corpse tokens sounds crappy.

Night Terror - These are spirits.. holy crap, i missed that. They are odd, since they are nightmare spirits they won't leave corpse tokens, and their attacks are cb 3 dmg 1/2/3, but they are pretty quick... not really sure how i feel about them, they might be best with the dreamer since they can hit WP and neverborn like to attack wp. Their spell hurts range attacks, so that is good at least.

Rogue Necromancy - Another big boy hitting 10 soul stones. This guys is a badass. Nico and McMourning can summon the big lug, which might be a tad broken. He has paired cb 7 claws, and poisoned cb 5 teeth. He is two headed so as long as he has 5+ hp he gets 2 free melee attacks. He is quick, at a 5/9 and has a spell that does aoe damage. all in all this guy and the dead rider give the ressers some much needed heavy hitters. Now we can match power with executioners, mature nephlim, and steam-borg abominations.

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