Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gen Con - The Report 2.0

Ellen and I woke up a little later and headed to the convention center. We tested out Adventureers, a new AEG board game. Its basically The first ten minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark; the board game. It was a blast, and it was up to 6 players. I was pretty set to pick it up, when Ellen asked the dude if there were other maps, he said not yet, but possibly in the future. We realized that every game would have the same map, traps, and treasure locations. It would get really lame after 3-5 games, so we passed on it. We walked around and found some great Cthulhu booths and bought new dice for Arkham, 6 with the yellow sign, 6 with cthulhu on them. Next Ellen and I tried the Game of Thrones Card game. It took a round or two, but it all came back to me. I was the Baratheons and she was the Targareons. Things were very close until she dropped an infinite combo that reduced my claim to 0 every turn. It was pretty broken. We met up with Ryan after he washed out of his Magic Vintage tourney, he got spooked at the last minute and instead of playing the deck he had been testing switched a deck he thought would work better against the meta, he was very wrong. We went to Mikado and got sushi for dinner. It was expensive and very slow service, but the food was top shelf amazing. We then went back to the convention center and played board games. The most memorable were Ticket to Ride, Havanah, and Small World. Ticket to Ride is actually more fun then eating glass. We had a lot of fun, and Ellen ended up crushing us. Havanah SUCKED! hard, it was really bad. Small World was great, Ellen Carson and I were doing really well early and thus kicking the crap out of each other. Ryan had a really slow start, and then started putting out decent, not huge, turns. He ended up winning by about 10 points. Ellen and I took off after that game and went back to the room to hit the hot tub in our hotel, it was nice.

Same deal, we went in played an S. Load of board games, except this time we bought a couple. Ellen bought Dominion and I got Chaos in the Old World. We tested Wing of War, fun little game, and pressure matrix. Pressure Matrix is anothe AEG game. It was ok, but mostly because the Demo Guy was a little crazy and made the game more fun. It ended rather abruptly and we all just kinda wandered away confused. Also Ryan won. We played another game, i can't remember, it wasn't anything special, but Ryan won that one too. All weekend Carson had been talking up this game called Shadow Hunters. We finally saw it, but there was no demo. Ellen started haggling with the dude at the booth and he agreed that if we hated the Game we could bring it back for a refund. He also threw in a free T-Shirt and Bag. Ellen ended up buting it. We hit this random Mexican place for dinner, that was kinda odd. Food was ok though. We got back to the convetion hall and played Chaos in the Old world first. I was Khorne, Ellen was Slannesh, Carson was Nurgle, and Ryan got Tzeentch. Ellen was kicking our asses really bad. Cards kept preventing me from killing everyone as I should, so I was completely hosed. In a last turn show of heroics, Ryan pulled a huge victory out and passed Ellen for the win. We then played Shadow Hunters, and Finally Ryan lost after winning 5 straight games. We played 4-5 times and learned that it, like Bang needs more than 4 people to be really good. Still we enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to teaching everyone to play. We played until 1am and went back to pass out. Josh was hammered when he came home and was pretty hilarious.

I woke up to find out Ryan got some. He was passed out on the floor with a girl. We all got dressed and Josh started grilling the girl. It was pretty funny. We go down for breakfast and she shows up dressed as Tifa from FF7, I look at her badge and say hey thats pretty funny your name is Tiffany and your dressed as Tifa. She goes yeah, but my name is Tif-nay. Ellen immediately burst out laughing. I was able to hold myself for a moment by sipping my empty cup of coke. Tif-Nay left to answer her phone, I looked at Josh, and the other other Ryan (there were 3) and went Tif-Nay? needless to say we all lost it laughing.

We hit the convention hall and Ellen and I tested Hell Dorado. Fun game, but Malifaux is better organized, more popular and likely to exist next year. Too Bad, could have been a decent game. Also after finishing the book 2 fluff, Malifaux officially has the best story line of any game... GO READ IT! We stayed for the Malifaux raffle drawing and got a steak&shake Milk Shake with my brother before he hit the road. Eventually we grabbed Rockett and hit the road ourselves. It was a damn awesome trip, I am 50/50 on wishing I had played in a Malifaux tourney, but mainly I just want to know how good I am compared to the rest of the country. Still one of the best Gen Con's ever!

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