Thursday, August 19, 2010

Even more Rising Power Models

So im just gonna throw this out there, Gen Con rocks! I'm a little bumed I wont get to go next year, but Im thinking Hawaii will be even better, but still I love going to Gen Con, and this year was awesome. My main point here is I think I'm still on that gamer high that Gen Con gives me every time I go, and since recently I've been painting a lot more, I think that gamer high has me painting. I started working on Datsue-Ba after Tuesday night gaming. I came home couldn't sleep right away so I went to work on the old hag. She was coming along great and I threw on her first wash coat. I was looking her over waiting for it to dry when I saw it was 12:15. I packed her up and went to bed a little disapointed. But yesterday after work I pulled her back out and hit her with the finishing touches, which was mostly dry brushing and there was a second coat of ink in a few key places. So here is Datsue-Ba the unique spirit that I doubt Kirai will ever leave home with out.

Front View

Back View

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