Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Awesome Weekend

So labor day is always a good time, a nice 3 day weekend. This time around we had our Fantasy Football draft and then Ellen and I spent a night down in Charlottesville getting hammered. So to start the weekend, the draft!

Ellen and I were hosting it this year. We set up our TV to be the draft board, with a PC hook up. I think it worked out really well. I finished 3rd last year in Fantasy Football, so I had the 8th overal pick. I had 3 decent Running Backs who I could use as keepers. I ended up taking Beanie wells in the 6th round and Jamal Charles in the 10th as my keepers, letting Jerome Harrison go to the draft pool. My strategy was simple get two solid Wide Recievers early, then a decent QB and TE, and then go for depth in my line up. I started well getting Randy Moss and Roddy White. But in the 3rd round I was primed to take a QB, when I saw there were enough around to not reach for one. I took a 3rd wide out in Anquan Boldin, and grabbed Rivers on the way back. This I think will end up being a strong move through the season as I essentially have 3 WR 1's. It screwed my draft strategy up completely, but oh well. In the end I took a bunch of mediocre RB's who I can only hope will pan out. I don't have a lot of depth at RB, but as long as Charles and Wells do what they did last year, it won't matter. My Final team, in draft order:
Randy Moss, Roddy White, Anquan Boldin, Philip Rivers, Brent Celek, Beanie Wells, Johnny Knox, Donald Brown, Darren McFadden, Jamal Charles, Matt Stafford, Lee Evans, New Orleans D, Ryan Longwll, and Thomas Jones.

So that was the draft, and it was a good time. We went out for beer afterwards at Dogfishead, also we celebrated Laura's birthday. So happy Birthday Laura!

So Ellen suprised me with Hotel Reservations for this weekend down in Charlottesville. We woke up early.. ish sunday morning and made the trip down. It was a breeze, no traffic and almost no trouble with the lights. We went straight to a Brewery to start the day.

So we plug in the address to the GPS and are driving about 10 miles west of C-Ville. Garmin is telling us we are less then a mile away from teh place, but all we see are random warehouse, abruplty he says to turn here, I look and see nothing. About a second later I see a small sign that says star hill. So I make the turn and we get out very confused. We walk up a ramp into a warehouse loading dock. We see a lot of Fermentation Barrels, and way off to the side is a tiny Bar with a bunch of people around it. The bartender sees us, tells us to come on up and immediatley pours us a beer. We ended up tasing 8 of their beers, and I gotta say, I'm a huge fan.

At 1pm i was quite buzzed, and the Guy took us on a tour of the facility. He was pretty knowledgeable, and answered a wide variety of questions about brewing and beer in general. For Instance the reason Bud and Miller have no flavor is that they use Corn instead of Barley for their beer. Its cheaper and has no taste. The tour and tasting were free, so we bought 18 beers and a Pint Glass.

Next we headed over to the Blue Mountain brewery. It was meh... the 6 beer samplers was like 4 lights and 2 IPAs. The food there was pretty good though, but all in all it was pretty meh for beer.

We went and checked into our hotel after that and passed out, likely from a lot of beer early in the day. We then went out the Corner, its a hip spot for all them college kids. We went to a Burger Bar, which had a create your own burger from. So we did, and it was pretty solid. We then went for a walk and went back to the hotel.

Monday we woke up, got breakfast at the waffle house and hit a vineyard. We tasted like 13 wines. We also took a tour of the place and grabbed a couple bottles of wine. Then we hit the road.

All in all it was a pretty kick ass weekend. I like these 3 day weekends, got another coming next month =P.

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wrabbit37 said...

Another awesome season of fantasy football about to start up. Good times will be had by all!

Did you see that Bill plugged your blog over on his today?