Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Game Report, Seamus vs Leviticus

Got in a game last night vs Leviticus. Its my second time facing him and this time I saw a very different type of list opposing me. It had 3 models to start the game. Levi, Alyce, and Kill Joy (Who even starts off the board.) I used Seamus with 2 neco-punks, 2 punk zombies, and 2 Belles. He had 7 stones I had 2. I got break through for my strategy and took army of the dead and Grudge (Alyce) for schemes. I can't remember what he got or called.

Turn 1 we both start moving up. He sacs leviticus to pop out kill joy. I start spreading my guys out becuase I don't want him engaging multiple targets. Turn 2 he wins init and Kill Joy goes hauling into a Belle and wipes her out.

I responded with the Copy-Cat and Seamus popping the big guy with a pair of .50 cal pistols and a couple spell shots. Kill-Joy died and I sighed a nice bit of relief. leviticus and Alyce moved in a bit and I started trying to wear them down. Alyce got taken out by a Necro-Punk and newly summoned Belle. Levi went to work pretty hard core turning a lot of my stuff into Abominations. I was killing them off as soon as he summoned them, but I was using my activations to kill off models that used to be mine. I was quite a pain. But each turn I would kill a few things and push my crew up a bit. Seamus was in the thick of it every time and was drawing a lot of cards. It helped me get a 3rd belle out too. Finally one turn looked like I might get the chance to kill his Waif and Levi. A belle walked up to levi and whacked him with her parasol dealing 2 damage. his wasting ability would ensure he dies. Seamus then hauled it 8 inches as close to the waif as I could get him. I was 8.5 inches away, just out of range to shoot her down.

So levi popped back up and tried to cut seamus' life in half. I had soul stones so I stopped those and he called it there. He was in a bad way at that point my 3 bellles and last Punk Zombie were getting closer and he was getting cornered. All in all I would say it was a damn good game for Seamus.

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