Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Game Report Ogre Kingdoms v High Elves

I played my first 2k game of 8th ed fantasy yesterady, and what I think is my 3rd overal game of the new edition. I like the new edition and it has helped turn the Ogres from the laughing stock of fantasy to a decent list with some nice options.

My basic list looked like this
Tyrant, Butcher, BSB, 2 units of 5 Bulls (plus hero for 6 man units) 2 units of 2 ledbelchers, 3 Ironguts (plus BSB), 3 Man eaters, and A Rhinox Rider.

My opponent took 20 seaguard with a bsb, 15 phoenix guard with a level 4 mage, 15 sword masters with a named hero, 20 bowmen, and 2 bolt throwers.

His magic was pretty strong, but I was able to handle it with the butcher. He ended up moving his Phoenix guard into a building and I shruged and ignored them the whole game. He set up his sword masters and I olbiged him with a huge charge. I sent in both bull units, with a butcher and tyrant, as well as my Rhinox Rider. His attacks were pretty brutal, but mine were far worse. he was left with only his named Hero and Standard. They fled and I ran them down. On the other side My Ironguts got pincushioned by the bolt throwers and archers, but the BSB made it into melee. He spent basically the whole game slaughtering first the archers, then the bolt thrower crews. The Seaguard were the biggest pain. They shot down the maneaters, killed off the Butcher and his unit until Finally the Tyrant came in and set them straight. The game ended then, he had his Phoenix Guard alive and nothing else. I had my BSB, My Tyrant, My Tyrant's unit had only lost 1 bull, and 2 leadbelchers. The Tyrants had also catpured 3 banners. So it was a nice win for the Ogres. I was shocked by his hiding the phoenix guard the way he did, I was very nervous about them, but was able to ignore them.

All in all I had a ton of fun, the guy was very nice, he helped me with the rules, and really helped give me an even fun game to play with the ogres.

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HuronBH said...

We should play a fantasy game. I have lizardmen. Let me know when you would be free.