Thursday, September 9, 2010

Easy Paint Tutorial part 1

So over this week I have been slowly painting my brand new Chaos Terminator unit. In the end they will be a 5 man squad with 4 Combi-Melta Guns, a Heavy Flamer, a Chain Fist, and the Mark to Tzeentch. As I was painting these guys it hit me how easy it is paint guys up using my scheme. So I figured I would give some details for easy paint tips, and people can use them or pass them along to others who need help getting an army painted.

So we're gonna skip ahead to after the model is assembled. Before you go and prime the model decide if you want to have painted sand on the base. Its easy as all get out and looks much better then regular sand. So glue it to the base and then prime the model. I almost always use black primer. White is probably better for show-case painting, but thats not the goal here. the goal is to paint up a bunch of guys fairly quickly so you can hit the table with them asap. So hit the model with black primer.

Once thats done base coat it. This should not be a very difficult process. Find the color that will be on the model the most and go to town. there is no need to be clean with this as you will be going back over the model and filling in the detail afterwards. Some colors don't cover well, Yellows and Light browns. For these colors I use one of GW's new foundation paints. Here is step 1 of the Chaos Terminator, all I did was paint all the armor with Khemri Brown.

Foundations are fantastic paints, they dry quick and smell funny. But they lay down a nice color base for a lighter paint. If you want to use darker paints for your models you can skip this step of the process. Step 2 for me is to cover the model in Bleached Bone. The Foundation makes this take very little time. I don't hit the weapons because they will be silver colored and I would prefer them to be a little darker, so I want the black primer to be my base for that area. So here is Step 2.

Step 3 is where things get a little harder and more tedious. Paint the detailed parts of the model. In this case the shoulder pads are blue with a gold trim. The arc over the terminators head is gold. the chains and weapons are painted silver, with a black trim. and the arrow looking things on the weapons is painted red. I also paint the eyes. They way I do this is to slop a ton of paint all over the eye. Looks horrible, but after that I go back with my original color, in this case bleach bone, and I trace an out-line around the eye to make it look much better. I end up with something like this.

I'll finish them up tonight take a few photos and finish the Tutorial tomorrow. The Final product end up looking pretty damn good If i do say so myslef.

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