Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ramos vs Lady J + Painting Contest

So last night was the painting contest at Huzzah Hobbies, I made my way out there pretty early so I could get in a game against Bill, we haven't played since our Demo days and I wanted to see how his game is goming along. We played 30 stones, lists looked like this

Ramos, Brass Arachnid, Joss, Johan, 3 Spiders
Lady J, Peacekeeper, 2 Death Marshals, Judge, Austringer

I got a mission i've never done before, Deliver a message, he got Escape and Survive. I had to give lady J a message which required a (2) action while within 2' of her. He had to keep 75% of his dudes alive for 4 pts, 50% for 2, and they all had to be more than 8' away from his deployment zone. We each took a scheme we could do, Bodyguard for me, Claim Jump for Bill, and one we could not, Exterminate for bill, chosing constructs, and something where I needed a guy to hit a point in the back corner of all 4 board quarters. Well my army is pretty slow, so that failed badly. We both moved up to the middle of the board and got ready to engage, he used his peacekeeper to reel in Joss, who then powered up and slapped that thing around, its pretty tough though so it lived. Ramos threw an electrical creation out and it started buzzing through the Peacekeeper. Lady J moved up fast and got in my face, my Spider swarmed up and went over to say hi, they did pretty well too dealing 6 damage. Johan also showed her what for, but took a riposte when I flipped the black joker. Turn 3 started and I won the Init flip. I looked at the board and decided to let Joss die to the Peacekeeper so I could have my spider swarm deliver the message to Lady J. Then since its a melee expert 2 it started attacking her. I wasn't drawing any books so i was really liberal with my fate hand cheating anything that I could since I knew I was going to ditch my hand at the end of the turn anyways. He took first blood when the Peace Keeper killed Joss, I responded having Johan kill the Judge. Lady J killed Johan and dropped the Spider swarm to 2 hp. Ramos electrical fired a Death Marshall down and the Electrial creation buzzed the last wound off the Peacekeeper. He finished my spider swarm with the austringer and last death marshall hitting it.

Turn 4 started the board was looking barren. Ramos had high tailed it away from Lady J and was desperatly trying to make it to another board edge so he could live. He was popping out spider constructs and those were harrassing the Austringer. Lady J shot the Brass Arachnid dead, and we looked at the board. Ramos was deep on his side of the board. The Austringer was dead from the mini spiders attacking him, and the Death Marshall was pinned to a piece of terrain he needed for claim jump. So we called it there so bill could throw his guys in for the painting contest. It ended 6vps for ramos, 2 for Lady J. The score doesn't show how close the game really was. had we played it out I would have had only ramos alive as he ran over and anihilated my poor little spiders with the lady. Still a great game.

So after the game ended, Everyone got together and voted on the painting contest. There were two levels, the Intermediate and the Expert level. On the Intermediate side the crews were:

Lord Chomp Bits, accompanied by Teddy, Candy, and Kade, an evil little kid theme force
Marcus, A Waldegiest, A sabertooth, a rattler, and a Jackalope
Last was Seamus and his wonderful horde of zombie ho's

The Seamus Crew took second, which was cool, but Honestly they weren't as good as the Marcus crew in my eyes. But the real winner was the Creepy Kids and Chompy. Our very own Laura Schier(soon to be Kelmelis) painted this crew up, and I did of course vote for it. There was an entry in the Expert side that I would have said should be in the intermediate side, and even if they were I would have still voted for the creepy kids and Chompy.

Now for the Main Event! I was in a time crunch because I was going straight to my parents for a family dinner after the painting contest. But thats neither here nor there. The entries!

The Ortega Family, all 5 of the crazy gun slingers
Lady J, 2 Death Marshals, An Austringer, and the Judge
Viki, Viki, Taelor, Johan, and I want to say a gunslinger (I might be wrong, sorry Jay)
Kirai, Datsue-Ba, Ikiryo, a Seishin, and an Onryo

Anyways the real deal was that Jay managed to get his crew fully painted, and damn did they look awesome, as is the usual with a Wookie painted force. So Everyone looked over the Crew, and I was pleased that it took people a while to vote. Jay even complimented on how much better I was getting at painting. Finally after what was near a half hour, Chris began to announce the winners. Jay took Second which elated me as it meant!

So my Kirai crew actually managed to win it for me, Chris is ordering me a pack of Wyrd bases, I chose the Victorian set, they will be used to Base a small guild force that i'm starting up, its mostly the Ortegas. If anyone saw the final vote tally I would be interested to know how close it was, im betting it was 1-2 votes. So here they are the Award Winning Kirai and Crew

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Papa JJ said...

Congratulations on winning the painting competition, that's a great looking crew!