Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Caps Game

So last night Ellen and I made the horrid trek into DC to see the Caps play. Her Manager was given tickets by a Subcontractor, but wasn't able to go, so he passed them on to Ellen as a thank you for being the only person at her job sight who does work.

We went to a place called BGR The Burger Joint for dinner. By sheer happenstance I saw the place in the Washingtonian magazine yesterday and it sounded amazing. The place has 8 burgers and 4 types of sides. Thats it. They do milkshakes too I think. I got, "The Burger" with Bacon, Cheddar, Lettuce, Pickle, and Mojo Sauce. I also got their fries. Ellen got "The Greek" which is their famous throwdown with Bobby Flay winning burger. Her's had Lamb, with Feta, Cucumber, white yogurt sauce, a HUGE tomatoe, and lettuce. Both burgers were out of this world, seriously go try them. Its a near religious experience.

So DC Sucks. It took us waaayy too long to get to the stadium, at one point DC has construction set up so people are driving on the wrong side of the road. This was apparently normal since I was the only one who seemed hesitant about this. Eventually we made it in though and Our parking pass was for the Garage at Gallery Place. We parked, under the Damn Verizon Center, it was sweet.

We head straight in and go to our seats. We weren't sure if we were right on the glass, but we were totally RIGHT on the glass behind the goal where the Canadiens were warming up. Right as we sat down a puck smacked in the glass, it was really damn loud, we both jumped a bit.

About 2 minutes later a puck slipped over the glass and fell right under my seat. It was pretty awesome.

So we watched the game, barely getting up from out seats. Ever time guys got smashed into the glass in front of us Ellen and I would bang on the glass. I was on TV apparently too. It was with out a doubt the BEST gaps game experience I have ever had. I have sat in the second row behing the glass once before (when the caps sucked) But this was just totally different. Also being behind the Goal was amazing. And during the 2nd Intermission Slap Shot was skating by and I slap my hand up on the glass and he gave me window love. It was a wierd moment, but I felt like we really connected. And as a bonus the Caps won 3-0. All the Goals went in on our side.

With 2 mins left the Canadiens down 2-0 pulled their goalie and I started yelling Cheap Goal for Ovie! and sure enough he snagged the puck on a break away and got an open net goal. I was thrilled. But nothing beat Mike Green's Goal. I was right there to snap a photo, but fumbled my camera, so I got the guys skating away after the celebration. But they were like 5 feet from me when they piled in on Green.

Picture Time!

Caps Right After Green's Goal



Slap Shot

Varly's Victory Lap, He was Player of the Game

And Lastly, A shot of our Awesome Swag from the game. Tickets, Programs, and My Puck

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