Saturday, December 18, 2010


DISCLAIMER: I can totally change my mind on this at any time

But Im totally Friggin done with the Redskins. Seriously Rex Grossman? what the hell! Either admit the McNabb move was a mistake and move on, or screw it I don't care. This organization is such a mess that I just don't care any more. Im not sure Im ready to jump ship yet, buts been on my mind. I think this off season will be my last chance for the Redskins to prove to me that they have some for of competent people somewhere in the organization and not a bunch of knee-jerk, assholes who jump at the slightest chance to sign a big name player and sell jerseys instead of building a proper team from the ground up like every other successful team. We need youth god damn it. Freaking figure it out.

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