Tuesday, December 21, 2010

McMourning vs the Dreamer

Got to get in 2 games at Huzzah this past weekend and figured its been a while since I've posted a battle report up.

Game 1 McMourning vs the Dreamer.

McMourning, Chiuahauah, 2 Canine Remains, Sebastian, 2 Necro Punks, 1 Belle, Bette Noir
The Dreamer, 4 Alps, 1 Stiched Together, Copelius, 3 Day Dreams

Missions. I got Deliver the Message, adding Frame for Murder, and Grudge Match. He got Plant the Evidence and added in Kidnap and Body Guard.

He started off slow the dreamer popped up and did a few tricks. I rushed the Center of the board to clog the most terrain pieces and prevent him from getting quick grabs as best I could. The game got under way when McMourning sent a Flesh Golem over to say hi to the Dreamer and a Daydream. Taking major offense to this Chompy popped up and slapped the poor Golem silly. With a message in hand a Necro Punk bounded after Chompy Bits but failed to get close enough to tell him that McMourning wants to stuff him taxedermy style. The turn ended with Chompy in Melee with the Necro-Punk and no other nightmares on the board. Mike won inititive and took the chance to slap the poor necro punk around. This played into my hands as I had called that little guy to be my framed for muder victim. 2 vps! Chompy shrugged it off as Mike has called Kidnap on the little guy (and 2 dogs who Mcmourning was nice enough to kill) claiming 2vps right back. Chompy then reverted back to the cute little child of wonder and threw out a Stiched together. McMourning Ran around and scooped up the body parts of the dead Necro Punk and Flesh Construct, while Sebastian and my last dog tried to corner the Stiched Together. Sensing its impendig doom the Stiched Together gambled its life several times vs McMourning. My hand was rather depleted, and I was forced to use Soul Stoned to keep the Doc Alive. Wasting no more time on the Doll, the Doc, Sebastian, and my Last dog shred it, getting me 2 more VP's for Grudge Match. The Doll being a tough sob to put down got one last go of McMourning with 2 more life Gambles. But a lucky flip by me a black Jocker by him kept the Doc around.

I won the next turns Init and used the chance to have McMouring scalpel sling himself up next to the dreamer and give him the message. +4 Vps! Then I went fast and slashed the kid to ribons. The response was impressive. Every nightmare popped up surrounding Sebastian, McMouring, My Dog, and My Necro Punk. Chompy kicked things off Maiming my Dog and Sebastian. Copelius Then went around paralyzing my Necro Punk preventing him from fighting. With almost my entire crew on Lock down things were turning against me fast. Looking at the Board I had the Doc and my Belle left, with Bette hanging in the wings. But the game was winding down and he hadn't activated the points on the Board. The Necro Punk paralze activated and promptly Died from the Alp Auras, this caused Bette to pop up in melee with Chompy. She then took a slice out of the big monster doing minimal damage, but draining his final stones. The alp team then ganged up and took her out, Luckily she was able to save herself with one with the night.

Turn 6 started and Chompy made mince-meat out of a Copelius paralyzed McMourning. Bette popped back in and with a VERY luck defense flip avoided a blow by Chompy. She then went to work putting the big guy down for good. (Body Guard broken). At this point My ploy was very obvious. Load up mikes awesome new toys with big juicy targets and make sure he has so much fun slaughtering them he wont be able to plant the evidence that proves I am indeed a giant douche bag. The ploy worked and he was only able to activate 2 points. With a single Belle at 4 hps and bette my only two living models I pulled out an 8-4 Victory over the dreamer. My first win against the nasty jerk, and Mike's first loss with him. 3 Cheers for the Mad Doctor and his crazy skillz!

My other game was Leviticus vs Ramos. John was playing Ramos and really played his heart out, but the match up seems very one sided. Levicus kept making sure there were no scrap counters on the board and any time a steam punk died it would drop a corpse counter instead of a scrap counter. It made a very rough day for Ramos. Despite some amazing play, such as nickle and diming Teddy off the board, and Bringing a fully charged Joss up to threaten my Wagon, the disadvantages were too much and Leviticus pulled out an staggering 8-2 win over Ramos. John and I will get a re-match in soon I hope, I believe we are 1-1-1 in our games against each other now.

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