Monday, December 27, 2010

Random Musings and Christmas Thoughts

Hope everyone had a great christmas. I know I did. I ended up getting some really cool stuff.

Got 5 models for Infinity, which finishes off my army for it. I now have a full caledonian army ready to rock.

I also got Fallout: New Vegas and Descent the dungeon board game, which is really cool.

Ellen got me A Touch of Evil along with the character pack. We got a chance to play it yesterday, its a really cool game, the Head-Less Horsemen is a real Jerk. He beat my butt into the ground several times throughout the game. But we had the last laugh as Brian cut his 30+ wounds in half on his first attack of the Showdown. I played the School teacher, who I thought might suck, but she scaled up quick once I started getting her some books. She gets +2 combat for every book, so at the Showdown I was laying into the horsemen with 7 dice. So far I have played Invasion 2 times, Last Night on Earth 3 times, and Touch of Evil 2 times. And in that limited experience, Touch of Evil is my favorite of Flying Frog's line-up.

As 2010 comes to a close I am in a bit of a different gaming state then I was at the end of 2009. I am more into Miniature games then I was a year ago, and I contribute that mostly to Malifaux being a really awesome game. My board game collection has grown considerably from the tiny selection of Bang and Munchkin, to include about a dozen games and expansions I have picked up or been gifted with since around august of this year (Yay Gen Con) and I still love role-playing, this year saw me try my hand at my first long term campaign idea. It went ok, I would like to say Mike's wedding killed it, but Im pretty sure it was my poor planning that doomed me.

So what to look forward to in 2011? Well more Malifaux for sure. More of my favorite board games, especially Battle Star Galactica's new expansion. And maybe some new things hitting the table for me. I have been looking at 3 miniature games as the year comes to a close. Here my inital thoughts on them. We'll see how they fair into the new year.

1. Infinity - I own a full crew for this game already, but both test games I've played have ended the same way. I have an uber guy and he will use all my action points this turn to own your armies face. Now your uber guy activates a bunch of times. etc, Im hoping there is more too this game then what Im seeing. But if not, then I have invested $0 of my own money, so no Big loss.

2. Distopian Wars - Another game in Spartan's line of the same game with different packaging. From what I hear its the best of their naval line of games and It sounds really cool. Here are my detracting thoughts. I own FSA already. I hardly play FSA. I have seen this game being played at Huzzah 1 time. Its not cheap and there will be a rather extensive line of models that go with it. If I had all the free time in the world, I would certainly get into this game. I don't, and since I doubt I would play this game enough times to justify the cost of it, I think Distopian Wars will be a game that I just stay out of.

3. Pulp City - Another Skirimsh size game (god how I love them) with an integrated turn system (swoon) and its played with Super Heroes Fighting Super villains (I need new shorts) on a city map where everything is fair game to whomp the crap out of each other. See a lamp post? hit someone in the head with it. See a fleeing citizen? (oh yeah there are citizens fleeing your battle) Throw a car at them and force the Hero to come save the day. Im not really sure how the game plays. It has an action system kinda similar to Infinity, but you get more actions, and each model has a cap for how many actions it can take. Also you need a single D6. Thats all I got for the moment, but the models are super sweet, and It just looks like a boat load of fun. I already have my Villain starter on order at Huzzah. Im gonna swing by and hopefully pick it up today.

And lastly the games I already own: I can see myself playing maybe a dozen games of MonPoc throughout the year. Its a nice change of pace game, and its always fun to smash a town to rubble with giant monsters. I dont really see my 40k, fantasy, WM, or Hordes getting signifigant playing time. And I do see a lot of my spare models for those games hitting Ebay to help Finance my Honey Moon, or just to get them out of my closet.

So thats the end of 2010, most likely. Lets hope 2011 is as awesome as I think it will be... come on october, daddy needs 2 weeks at the beach!

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wrabbit37 said...

I'm mostly with you on the minis games. Not interested in Infinity, and pretty much not interested in Distopian Wars. If it had come out before Firestorm, I'd probably have bought into it instead, but at this point it doesn't seem worth the investment. Pulp City, on the other hand, sounds like it could be fun. Minor investment, free rules, and just looks like fun. I'll be buying into that one a bit, just to see how it works. If it's not that great, no big loss since it's not really that expensive for enough to play a decent game.