Thursday, December 9, 2010


I've been itching to dust off a few of my old favorites and MonPoc ended up winning the fight thanks to D6G talking about it in their last podcast. Yesterday Mike and I e-mailed back and forth and that Helped spark my memory on the rules. So last night I bugged Ellen enough and she agreed to a game after we decorated our tree.

Game was pretty simple We lined up and beat the tar out of each other. The map was called Highway to Hellvue and we placed a ton of buildings on it. She and I stumbled a bit through the rules, (banning a few pieces since I couldn't find out what they did) On turn 2 she had set up an amazing power base. She saw 3 buildings with 2 powerzones near her spawners. Two of the buildings game a bonus power die when powering up so with that little area she was racking up 7 dice each time she powered up. I had to Run Terra-Khan over there, Hyper form him up and blast through it to keep the game more even. We ended up pretty close. She Finished off Terra Khan with a body Slam through a Fire building when she had only 2 HPs left. It was a great time and I think we both had fun. She did comment on how much easier the game was to understand then Malifaux and Warmachine.

So after the Game I pulled out my 3 strategy Guides and started flipping through them. I think Im going to try and Keep MonPoc on the Middle Burner for a while see if anyone else gets the itch to dust theirs off too.

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