Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A bit of withdrawl

Im in a bit of gamer withdrawl. Not that I haven't been gaming, last Firday i played Brian in FSA and yesterday Rockett and I got in a game of Malifaux. Its the Marathon game sessions that I miss. Back in the day I could 2-3 games in during a nice saturday. Its been a long time since the guys have just gotten together and thrown down in a nice game marathon. I guess real life eventually catches up and makes those times fewer and farther between, but I just feel like we need one of those for FSA or Malifaux, or even warmachine. Just the chance to play a bunch of games then relax with dinner and talk about gaming for a day.


HuronBH said...

I know what you mean. When in May could we run a Guys Gaming Day like the Girl Nights the girls have been having of late? I'd be interested in getting in a game of 40K vs your Salamanders and as many FSA games as I could in. I am not really feeling Malifaux or Warmachine/Hordes right now.

C Trudden said...

A gaming day would be cool, especially if we did it at someones house in order to add in a drinking component. I would be for that.

wrabbit37 said...

Yeah, it's been a while since we've done a day of gaming. Those were good times. Friggin' life getting in the way though. I haven't been home pretty much any weekend in April, and May's starting out just as bad.