Friday, April 2, 2010


No new painting today, think of this more like an Update in my painting.

Big 2 at the moment are Malifaux and FSA. 40k is on the back burner and I'll finish with that.

For Firestorm I have my original Box Set painted up along with my carrier. I have my second box set and my additional cruisers are primed. all of them have Steel Plates on the bases to help keep them weighted. Most likely the Second box set would have been painted by now, but Im short of Army Transport Foam. I just put in an order for 4 more trays, they should be in by next week, and then I'll get on painting the rest of my FSA. I also have a squad of Escorts that are still in the box, they are low on my list of painting since I won't be using them a whole lot.

Malifaux is the one where my painting has been coming along really well. I started with Seamus and have been going to town on the whole crew and I am just very pleased with the way they are coming. As of my last painting frenzy for them I counted it up and found I was over half way done with the models. As of now I have: Seamus, Dr. McMourning, Sybelle, 3x Punk Zombies, 3x Necro Punks, The Convict Gun Slinger, 1 Rotten Belle, The Grave Spirit, A Zombie Chiuahuah, and 2 Flesh Constructs. Still to be done we have; Nicodem, Mortimer, Sebastian, 2 nurses, 2 Rotten Belles, 2 The Hanged, and a Vulture (soon to be 2). I still need Some Crooked Men and Canine Remains whenever they come out. Also a Copy-Cat Killer and a Bette Noir will eventually find their way into my case.

Finally 40k. I've been slowly working my way into a Salamanders army. I've wanted to play marines for a long time... well not-chaos anyways, and this is my army. I've got a few models for the army set up and I tested my scheme on the Dreadnought from Black Reach and really liked it. So last night I went out bought a Can of Green Primer from the Army Painter line, and tonight assuming I have enough Time my first tac squad and maybe my Assault Termies will be green. If this goes well then within the week I will be getting either another Tac Squad or a Venerable Dread.

Thats my painting update I had one more thing to talk about but that will wait until next week.

Also I wanted to mention that I love Ellen and she is Cute.

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BFlo said...

I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth when I read the bottom of this post. Yep, I am pretty sure of it...that was bile.