Monday, April 12, 2010

Pretty Good Weekend

Saturday my family went out to IHop for breakfast and our food arrived at our table at around 11:30. The waiter picked the first plate up off the tray and then watched as the remainder of the tray flipped over spilling everyones breakfast on the floor. We then got to play the waiting game while out food came out one at a time.

I then went over to Brians to help him mulch his yard. It looks a lot better, but it was a good 3 hours of work. Later Eric and I went back out to sterling to hang out, play a game and eat the Filet brian promised me for helping. Eric brought 18 beers to contribute. The Filet's were amazing, and so was the risotto Brian made. He ended up being too tired to play FSA so we drank and watched Dirty Jobs. All in all a good night.

Sunday began with the MS walk, that wasn't as bad as I remember it being. We walked all around reston town center. And afterwards Ellen and I got Chipotle. We then drove out to woodbridge to see what they had at the Game Parlor over there. I got the Copy-Cat killer and a Second Vulture, Ellen bought a Hoar-Cat Pride. Next we went to Pet Smart and got a Cat tree for Conner and Chloe. Ellen was worried they may not like it especially since it was pretty expensive.

Its not the best picture but needless to say within seconds of me setting it down they had made themselves at home in it. We then had dinner with my folks and watched Lefty win the Masters. I did some painting too, so I'll throw that up later on today.

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