Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Ellen sent me this article and I had to share it my adoring fans.

Bacon Article

Im not sure if the author is trying to disuade people from eating the divine meat that is known affectionetly as Bacon or mearly trying to educate people on the many new ways we can eat Bacon.

The Turbaconducken, which takes pieces of Duck, wrapes them in Bacon, A Chicken, wrapped in Bacon and stuffs them into a whole Turkey... which is wrapped in Bacon.

Those who have seen the Turbaconducken have expressed Joy, Love, and all manner of wonderous emotions. It is a scientific fact that if the rest of the world ate the Turbaconducken they would all become Democratic nations and war would cease in an effort to cultivate more livestock to make more Turbaconduckens.

But this most sumblime of meats has other uses. It is the key ingredient in all things that you cook. If you didn't know this its because you haven't been cooking right. Next time you cook add bacon! Mac&Cheese? add Bacon. Salads? add bacon. Potato Soup? add bacon. Bacon? add BACON!

So is bacon just a powerful meat designed by God on the 6th day so he could eat it on the 7th while resting? Or is it a phenomenon that can not be stopped or contained... mearly consummed!

Bacon is the most versatile meat in the multi-verse!

Thats not just any lollipop its A Bacon lollipop... its not just any Bacon Lollipop either.. its Caffinated!

Is that a Hot chick?

... not really she's like a 4, 6 tops... but that Bra made out of Bacon is a 10!

Hmm whats that smell you ask?

Just my Bacon Air Freshener!

Need some Bacon Gear of your own? Well the fine Gentlemen over at
Bacon Today have your back. Bacon Floss, Bacon lip balm, Bacon Belts.

So say we all!

With so much Bacon awesomness in the world it makes me wonder why anyone would not eat bacon when they could totally eat bacon.


wrabbit37 said...

Mmmm... bacon. A whole bacon article and no mention of the bacon weave??? For shame!

C Trudden said...

Maybe you should bring sausage wrapped in bacon to Brian's bday party. It certainly sounds like a winning move. I hope they have bacon at the lame wedding I have to go to. Why don't I have any bacon in my home?