Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh my Stars a Linemen!

Well it only took us a decade but the Washington Redskins have brought in an Offensive Linemen with their First Round Pick. Now I would like to go back a ways and explore the Redskins 1st round Draft Strategy since the day we Drafted Chris Samuels and Lavaar Arington 2 and 3 back to back.

2001 - Rod Gardner - Terrible player, was gone in like 3 years.
2002 - Patrick Ramsey - Ditto
2003 - N/A
2004 - Sean Taylor - Great pick up, RIP
2005 - Carlos "Brick Hands" Rodgers, Jason Campbell - This is working out well
2006 - N/A
2007 - LaRon Landry - Works great as long as he doesn't have to cover anyone
2008 - Traded down into round 2 - (This was the first year it became problematic as the Line was aging and deteriorating)
2009 - Brian Orakpo - Its hard for me to fault this pick as he is a Stud, but we let Michael Oher by, who could have really helped solidify our O-Line
2010 - Finally we get it right and start rebuilding the Line

Trent Williams. he is expected to start at left tackle right off the bat. And he will be facing Trial by Fire. Lets take a look at the pash rushers who he will face in his first year

Week 1 Dallas - Demarcus Ware
Week 2 Houston - Mario Williams
Week 3 St. Louis - Chris Long
Week 4 Philly - Trent Cole
Week 5 Packers - Clay Matthews
Week 6 Indianapolis - Dwight Freeney
Week 7 Chicago - Julius Peppers
Week 8 Detroit - Kyle Vanden bosch
Week 9 Bye - Whew!
Week 10 Philly - Trent Cole is back
Week 11 Tennessee - Lost most of their pass Rush
Week 12 Minnesota - Jared Allen
Week 13 New York - Justin Tuck
Week 14 Tampa Bay - Its like a day off
Week 15 Dallas - Once more with Demarcus Ware
Week 16 Jacksonville - Also terrible at getting after a QB should be a walk in the park
Week 17 New York - Justin Tuck again

There are a lot of premier pass rushers in that list, last year these 10 players combined for 75 sacks. Several are Pro-Bowlers, a few have superbowl rings. Welcome to the team Trent Williams, better get your butt in gear because this season is gonna be a rough one.

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