Monday, April 26, 2010

Lets meet the Crew

I have been reading Mike's Blog with many mentions of Urban Rivals, and to this point, though I have been very tempted to jump in and throw up my own post, I have not. My goal was wait until I have something to say about the game that he hasn't hit on. Well I think I waited too long and He has basically hit all the topics. So screw it. These are the members of my ELO tournament Deck.

Unlike Mike's deck I have taken the Mono Deck Approach. All 8 of my characters are from the Nightmares Faction. These are the things that go bump in the night. Led by the Immortal vampire Lelena, they stalk the streets of Clint city causing mahem. From Murder to Scarecrow style Drugs, the Nightmares have a lot of flair and some crazy looking characters.

So the idea behing the Deck's Construction. Nightmares all have the bonus to negate my opponents bonus. They have pretty decent Damage, but they lack in high base power guys. So keeping that In mind My first two characters entered the Deck with a base 7 attack.

Pan is a centaur. For 3 stars, he has Pow 7 and his damage is 3. But should he hit, he has the ability to give me +3 to my life total.

Phyllis is... pretty ugly. She like Pan has a base Pow of 7, but her damage is only 1. Her upside is that She is only 2 Stars, and Her ability saps away an addition 3 life from my opponent to a minimum of 4.

My next character enters the deck to stop my opponents from getting a 2 turn KO against me. It is a strong and popular tactic, one I have used myself from time to time.

Neferenti costs me 3 stars and brings the lowest POW in my deck with a 5. His damage is pretty decent at 4. But He brings me a -2 minimum 4 to my opponents damage. This alone can keep me on my feet against a powerful attacker.

The next pair represent my payback characters. 8 is the maximum power you can achieve in UR. Since none of my characters have a base pow of 8 I am forced to improvise to return fire.

Mawpin is a favorite of mine. She is only 2 stars and a 5 pow 4 damage, but she has the ability Revenge Pow +3. Revenge is an ability that triggers after I have lost a battle. So as I am bound to lose at least one fight, I can then throw in Mawpin as an 8/4 for a nice punch.

Erzsebet is a 6 pow 4 damage character for 3 stars. She has the Ability to reduce my opponents Pow by 2 to a minimum of 4. this makes her very strong, as anyone with pow 8 is reduced to her equal, and anyone else will be reduced to below her pow giving me an edge.

Next come the Walls. In this game many characters rely on their bonus' and abilities to help them in combat. Since my factions bonus is to negate my opponents bonus having a couple guys who also negate abilities is a very nice thing to have. These two stop all abilities and bonus' making them either effective blockers or powerful lead attackers.

Dieter is a psycho with a big saw. He is also a 3 Star character with 6 pow and 3 damage. He does not pack a huge whallop, but he is a great wall to prevent a nasty ability like poison, life gain, or anything that affects pillz.

Glorg is the family servent to Lelena, and a Troll. His 4 stars buy me a 6 pow 6 damage beast that is often the lynch pin in my victory strategies. Plus he looks so bad ass. Glorg is one my favorite characters.

The Final Entry is my closer. This guy bring badass to a whole new level. He can swing the best of them and generally a Hit by the big boy means a K.O

Estalt is a devil, a playboy, and a sports star. Everyone loves him and wants to be him. So what if his abilities are a little, unatural, he's a bad ass. And his my only 5 star character in the deck. His pow is low at 5, his damage is high at 8. But its his ability to lower any opponents pow -3 to a minimum of 5 that makes him strong. So no matter what he will always be on even footing. This is my absolute favorite character in the game, and its fitting that he is so powerful.


wrabbit37 said...

Remember, it's only the BASE power that caps at 8. Abilities and bonuses streach it beyond that. Of course with your bonus of stopping other people's bonuses, you're cutting half the power jumps right there. Looks like a really solid deck. You do any Elo tournaments yet? My problem with those is the hour time commitment that goes along. Usually I can spare half that, but an hour solid of playing without making a lot of tweaks or surfing around online in the middle is rough. I've only finished one.

Dan said...

never finished one. i just jump on play 2-3 games, and quit, i get my free 50 clintz and keep on rockin.