Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Damn you JAY!!

Listening to The Gamer's Lounge Podcast with Jay and Bill. Jay talked about his time at Adeptacon where he played a warmachine tourney. I am a tournament player in a lot of ways. I play mini games because I like to win and tournaments are the best place to test myself against other players. So Jay got me jazzed up for a tournament with his report. On a side note I imagined what Jay's Butcher list might have looked like:

Winter Guard with constant Iron Flesh
Widow Makers
Man hunter
Butch + Dog
and maybe 2-3 heavies.

Jay this list looks fantastic, I love how you just threw it together, but dude it sounds great.

Ok back to me. Here are the 2 lists I made up for the tournament on the 18th.

List #1
Pirate Queen Skarre -6
Skarlock 2
Leviathan 9
Deathripper 4
Deathripper 4
Warwitch Siren 2
Satyxis Raiders -min- 5
Sea Witch 2
Mechanithralls -max- 5
Brute Thrall 1
Brute Thrall 1
Bane Thralls -min- 5
Scrap Thrall (3) 1

List #2
Lich Lord Asphyxious -6
Deathripper 4
Deathripper 4
Bane Knights -max- 10
Soulhunters -max- 9
Darragh Wrathe 4
Bane Lord Tartarus 4
Mechanithralls -max- 5
Brute Thrall 1


HuronBH said...

I had 2 lists but only played the butcher. Here is the list.

5 Shocktroopers
10 Winterguard + UA&(1)WA
MOW Kovnik
Yuri the Axe

Shocktroopers supported by MOW Kovnik and Devastator on one flank. Juggernaut and Destroyer hanging with the Butcher in the middle, and 13 DEF 17 Winterguard (DEF 12+2 for Bob & Weave +3 for Iron Flesh) shooting POW 12 sprays rolling 3D6 to hit (thanks Grigs) and 3D6 to Damage (butchers feat) supported by widows and Yuri.

HuronBH said...

Oh and War-puppy hangs with the Butcher

HuronBH said...

Oh one more thing. You fury the Shocktroopers making them P+S 17 each at ARM 21 (when in shield wall). The MOW Kovnik slams away heavy jacks and High armor stuff. The Devastator soaks up damage and charges into and pops to wipe out Low Armor units.

Yuri with Reach and Thresher and 4D6 of damage (on the butchers feat turn) is really nasty by the way.

wrabbit37 said...

Brutal looking list. No wonder it pounded people so well. Nicely done!