Monday, April 5, 2010

McNabb Comes to DC

And this time its for reasons other than to make me frustrated that the Redskins can't cover a double move.

I've been thinking this one over a lot and I gotta say I approve of this trade. I would like to see Campbell traded, and not because I dislike him but because its the right move by him. His time in DC hasn't been great and he desearves the chance to start somewhere. Buffalo, Oakland, St. Louis would work well I think. Also a 4th round pick on our end would be nice.

But McNabb instantly changes this team around. The O-line has seen slight improvements in several areas. With a little bit more here and there, next year it could look like.

LT - Russel Okung
LG - Derrick Dockery
C - Casy Rabach
RG - Chad Rinehart
RT - Levi Jones

Thats an improvement at both Tackels from last year and keeps the only two decent players we had on the line. There is also the possibility we pick up another LT in free agency so we can move Okung to RT for his rookie year and have a slightly older more savy player in the LT spot. Then when hes ready swap the old guy for the young stud. I hate to say it but Former Cowboy Flozel Adams could be a decent stop gap for your o-line while we groom Okung.

But anyways back to McNabb. He can make throws that I do not believe Campbell had the ability to make. Hitting a reciever 40 yards downfield in stride seemed like a breeze for McNabb, Moss will finally get a chance at a few Home Run catches. Our tight end pair will be a great thing for McNabb to have. on our roster are 4 very tall recievers. 2 proven to be very good in Cooley and Davis. Thomas has proven he can play but needs some work. But with a Great QB like McNabb I think the young reciever pair will be pretty amazing.

Add in the Defense that can keep up with any offense, a brand new Mentality with Shanahan and Hasslet and I think the Skins will be a force in the NFC east again.

Go Skins.


wrabbit37 said...

I'm really excited about this move too. I think I'm moving out of the realm of "cautiously optimistic" to "actually optimistic." I won't make that full move until I see how the draft goes.

What do you think of the Skins trying to trade down with their draft pick and get a couple of pretty solid O-Linemen instead of just getting Okung?

Dan said...

great in theory tough in practice. If we can get like the 11th overal pick and grab bulaga then also snag a decent 2nd rounder to take the Maryland OT that would be nice. Problem is finding a team desperate enough to make such a swap. If one of the DT's falls to 4 then we have all the power. Or maybe if Bradford falls to 4 we could bleed the Seahawks. Send them Campbell and our 1 for their 1&2. Not very likely, but damn would that rock